Priti: Ukrainian refugees can stay in the UK for 3 years

Priti Patel made the announcement as she said Britain stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Ukraine.

The Home Secretary also condemned Vladimir Putin’s persecution of civilians. Speaking from Medyka, on the Poland/ Ukraine border, she said it was “heartbreaking” to have met those “forced from their homeland because of the monstrous Russian invasion”.

Ms Patel confirmed visas for Ukrainians joining relatives in the UK would be extended from 12 months to three years.

Normal requirements for salary or language tests have been waived, but security checks remain.

Boris Johnson said up to 200,000 people could be eligible to come to the UK.

Ms Patel was yesterday shown the Polish refugee operation by the country’s interior minister Bartosz Grodecki.

She said: “We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine but also with our dear friends here in Poland, who are working night and day under incredible circumstances.

“While we want people to be able to return to their homes at the end of this diabolical invasion, giving thousands of people a route to the UK is the right thing to do.”

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