Does Planet Fitness have free Weights?

Does Planet Fitness have free Weights
Does Planet Fitness have free Weights

Does planet Fitness have free weights? Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gyms in America and there are hundreds of locations across the country. All Planet Fitness locations are mostly alike although some may have better equipment than others or some may run special events. For most of the people, as long as there is a variety of decent gym equipment, they will have enough to stay in shape. For those serious in training for competitions or losing weight, the specifics of the equipment available to use are important

Does planet Fitness have free weights? Planet Fitness has a rack of dumbbells which you can use as free weights but they do not have a power rack. Planet Fitness is not the gym for those who like to do bench presses and squats with heavier weights. Planet Fitness offers the use of a Smith Machine in place of free weights. The Smith Machine will be a good replacement for some while for others, certain muscles will not experience enough workout.

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Does planet Fitness have free weights? Dumbbells at most Planet Fitness locations go up to 50 pounds which is enough to get you a good arm workout without the use of a barbell and heavier weights. Depending on what your goals are at the gym, this is an essential factor. Planet Fitness does not offer these heavier free weights because of insurance and liability. The gym decides not to use them since there is much possibility of error when free weights get above the 50-pound mark.

Does planet Fitness have free weights? Other gyms have these options, especially the local lifting-type gyms but their pricing is a bit higher. The difference in pricing is due to the fact that their insurance policy is a bit higher due to the type of equipment that they have. Gym owners have overhead expenses that they need to control and insurance and liability is a major one. This is one of the disadvantages of joining Planet Fitness but there are also many good things about Planet Fitness. The benefits of Planet Fitness starts with the cost, which is one of the most economical memberships. There are also other reasons why people like membership at Planet Fitness.

There is a lower cost option at Planet Fitness. The fact that Planet Fitness is one of the cheaper memberships available makes it worth it even if you miss a few days. The fact that you are not there daily in a month still allows you to get some great value from your plan.

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Does planet Fitness have free weights? There is an option for Planet Fitness Black Card. There is an option to purchase the Planet Fitness Black Card which is a special premium membership that gives you a few extra features. With the Planet Fitness Black Card, you can go to any Planet Fitness location nationwide. It also gives you access to training beds, massage chairs and hydro massage. The half-price drinks at the gym could end up paying for the membership rather quickly. The Planet Fitness Black Card enables you to get a discount on Reebok products. Reebok makes a variety of high-end workout gear and products, and they are a great brand to have some extra savings on.

Does planet Fitness have free weights? Planet Fitness is known for being a very heavy cardio gym which is a big piece for anyone trying to lose weight or get better in shape. With cardio, you can burn calories fast and you ca use a variety of machines to make it interesting. Cardio workouts are not always preferred by all gym members but are necessary to have a great gym experience. If you like bikes, treadmills, elliptical and stair masters, this is an excellent gym for you.

Does planet Fitness have free weights? All Planet Fitness locations may have different events and promotions for their members and for many locations, there is a free pizza night. People will come to the gym, work out and then have a pizza afterwards. Pizza nights is one of the ways Planet Fitness locations will try to get people enjoy time together.

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Does planet Fitness have free weights? At Planet Fitness, there are locker rooms and showers that makes the gym more convenient. At most locations, these areas are kept very clean because of a standard put out by the head of the corporation. With the gyms and locker rooms in place, you can be able to use the gym before you go to work or before heading out for a night in town.

Most Planet Fitness locations also have a drink bar that allows you to cool off after you get a great workout in. The drink bar will vary depending on the Planet Fitness nearest to you. It is a benefit as people see as a great social activity after a great workout. When you choose the Black Card option, you will get a discount on the drinks that are offered at the drink bar.

There are quite a few advantages of the Planet Fitness membership as people enjoy all that is there to offer and for those who love cardio find reasons to join Planet Fitness. The only disadvantage of Planet Fitness across all locations is that there are no free weights. You will only get some dumbbells and a Smith Machine to use so do not expect to be working on your lifting at this gym.

For the price of the basic membership, most of the people have decided to keep their Planet Fitness membership in place to purchase the free weights for home gym which can be a good option. This is because it will save you from purchasing costly equipment like cardio equipment.

The other disadvantage of Planet Fitness locations is that they do not offer childcare. If you rely on childcare to get out and get your workout complete, then Planet Fitness is not be a good choice for you. The cost of getting childcare as you work out may end up offsetting the cost of the cheaper gym and making it not worth the price.

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Some people also have issues with there being no classes to take at Planet Fitness. Some of the people will find it hard working out unless they have a group or a class setting helping them to push them along. Others want to be left alone, set themselves on their machine and barely make eye contact with other people. Therefore, it depends with the type of person and the goals you have at the gym. Not having classes at Planet Fitness eliminates a large group of people that would like to work out at the gym. Some people also find that Black Card membership is an increase in price that is not necessary. Many feel that one price that incorporates all the features of membership would be necessary.

From the above, we learn that Planet Fitness is a great value to consider when looking to get into better shape. Working out your body is essential and if it is the cost holding you back, then Planet Fitness is a great alternative. The unavailability of free weights can be fixed by setting up some free weights at home unless you are a serious weight lifter.

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