Boring to Amusing: Transforming Less-Than-Exciting Gifts into Fun Ones

Exciting Gifts
Exciting Gifts

Rarely does a child wish for something practical, like a cute new pair of mittens or a unique and warm pair of Christmas socks. It’s not until we get a really cool pair that we realize how great of a gift they could be or how much we’d like some more — so why not embrace ideas like this?

While ideas like this may feel less-than-exciting for you as the gifter, we can almost guarantee that they will be more than exciting to both you and your giftee after you learn a couple of simple steps to transform your gift — all while hardly touching it! From gorgeous gift wrap to a delightful delivery, these “boring” gifts can not only be amplified, but WILL be used rather than sitting around in the package or a drawer until next Christmas!

Is There Such a Thing as a “Boring” Gift?

While we all may wonder and worry about the gifts that we buy sometimes and the reactions they’ll get, it’s worthwhile to ask yourself: Have you ever been bored as you open a gift? Of course not!

Brainstorming and shopping for gifts can be difficult and leave you feeling hesitant, but when we practice altruism and give gifts, not only is it always appreciated by your recipient but your brain as well! Giving and receiving gifts promotes happiness and benefits us mentally and emotionally, which can be a better gift sometimes than any tangible item ever could be anyway!

Help Them Make the Most of It

Sometimes the gift that you’ve found for the person on your list is perfect, but might not quite feel like enough. If this is the case, consider finding an addition that’ll tie in with your primary gift! If you buy them a cute mug, for instance, try filling a basket with an assortment of coffees or teas that they love. If you buy them a special drawing book, consider a set of markers to go with it and get them started.

Go All Out with Gorgeous Gift Wrap

While your giftee is likely to appreciate your gift and the thought behind it above all else, presentation can go a long way! Especially when it comes to more practical gifts, a nice presentation will make it feel that much more special, along with intensifying the anticipation and enjoyment.

If you have expert-wrappers amongst your crowds, this may seem daunting — does “you shouldn’t be using more than 3 pieces of tape!” sound familiar? Though there are ways of wrapping gifts that are more efficient or effective than others, remember that a gift bag bursting with tissue paper always looks exciting, a gift box wrapped up in wrapping paper is always begging to be ripped into and a big bow or sparkly ribbon will always cover the rest!

Consider a Carefully Chosen Card

The right card can be a wonderful way to get personal and make an impact while keeping things light. We all know that taking the time to pick the perfect card can mean clearing your afternoon schedule — but your giftee knows this too, and will appreciate you offering this time and effort for them as much as they appreciate the message inside!

Push for Personal Touches

If you know what your giftee likes and where their interests lie, if you know who they really are and their subtle nuances or if you know any of their favorite things — embrace them! These are the sorts of personal details that will not only help to make sure your giftee is happy with what they recieve, but it will let your giftee know that you pay attention to them, care about what they care about and love who they are. Are they obsessed with a certain animal? Consider finding something that has the same pattern as their favorite animal or even something shaped like their favorite animal! Do they have a great sense of humor, an edgy attitude or a sassy personality? Consider getting your giftee a pair of snarky or sassy socks to showcase their personality!

Create Custom Pieces

With something as simple as a bit of embroidery, a standard hand towel can become incredibly special. With a couple of clicks on the computer, another ordinary children’s book can become a custom-ordered storybook with the child in your life as the main character. Customizing can take a gift from practical to personal and doesn’t have to be hard!

Delight Them Through Delivery

The way that you deliver your gift can have a major impact on its reception, along with the memories and feelings attached to it. Take Easter as the perfect example! While there is a time and place for treasure hunts, delivery methods like this should be used as inspiration! That being said, sometimes delighting your giftee through delivery can be as simple as the perfect lead-in with your words or simply fastening a piece of jewelry onto them with no words. You’ll want to know your audience in order to deliver your gift in the best way possible, but creating an impactful delivery can be a lot of fun and add a lot to the moment!

Amusing Your Audience, No Matter Who They Are

The most amusing and entertaining gifts are always the ones that can be used, and gifters and giftees alike would agree — the sooner they’re used the better! Whether it’s something highly practical that can be used on a daily basis or something that will be used with appreciation and adoration every so often, anything is better than adding to your giftees drawer or closet full of unused stuff. So get creative with it, be funny and be personal — because that’s something that will never get boring!

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