What Types Of Spanners Are There?


Generally used to loosen or tighten a nut, bolt, screw or fixture or to hold a grip on a fastener, spanners are used more than any other tool for repair and maintenance jobs. Depending on the job requirement, spanner sets are found in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some spanner sets are used to do general jobs, while others are used for a specific job.

Let us look at the commonly used spanner sets available and what they are used for.

Open-end spanner sets

An open-end spanner has open ends which are used to hold nut or bolt heads and tighten or loosen them. Also known as D spanner, open-end spanners are divided into two types based on the number of open ends. If there is only one open end it is known as single-end spanners and if there are two open ends the spanners are known as a double-ended spanner. Out of the two open ends of the double-ended spanner, one end is slightly bigger than the other.

Ring spanner sets

Ring spanners come with rounds rings at one or both ends. The rings are used to hold a nut or bolt in order to tighten or loosen them. The rings on most of the ring spanners are placed pointed downwards and upwards to each other at the respective different ends. For a stronger grip, the rings are set with teeth in a hexagonal fashion. Some ring spanners are straight and are not bent upwards or downwards.

Socket spanner sets

Socket spanners have a round socket head with grooves on one end and a square hole is made on the other end. Just like an open-ended spanner, the grooves on the socket are based on the sizes of nuts and bolts. A tommy bar is fixed inside the square hole. These are available in different sizes and are mostly used to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts in slanted or congested spaces.

Box spanner sets

Box spanners are basically metal tubes of different thicknesses with profiles on both or one side. The profiles have six sides to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts. Holes are made across the tube where Tommy bars can be inserted and used to turn them as a handle. Box spanners are used to reach into confined spaces easily.

Combination spanner sets

A combination spanner is a versatile tool that comes with an open-end on one side and a ring spanner at the other end. The spanner size is the same on both sides.

Hook spanner sets

A hook spanner comes with a hook that can be placed over a nut or bolt head. The hook on the wrench head may or may not be adjustable. Hook wrenches are mostly used to handle machinery components that are round, notched or multi-faced like pipe fittings or lock nuts.

Adjustable spanner

Adjustable spanners, also known as screw wrenches, have an adjustable jaw that can be expanded or narrowed down to tighten or loosen any fixture. Adjustable spanners can be used for fixtures that no other spanner can fit.

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