UK travel: Boris Johnson urged to adopt 'traffic light system' to protect Summer 2021

Speaking to Channel 4 News, travel consultant Paul Charles, founder and CEO of specialist travel PR agency, The PC Agency, urged the UK Government to adopt the “traffic light system” he developed last August. The system was copied by the European Commission when they developed their own traffic light system in November. The system has been used ever since on the continent.

Explaining the system Mr Charles said: “It’s very simple: it’s a red, amber, green traffic light system.

“That gives consumers an indication of which countries are more likely to be put on the travel corridor list or the corridor removed.”

He added that the system offers “guidance to consumers” so they could see based on infections data which countries were likely to be a “no go” area.

Mr Charles went on to explain how the system also enables which countries were most likely to be safe.

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The travel consultant said how he has urged the U.K. government to adopt the system given its success in the bloc.

He said: “I have mentioned it many times to the UK government, they have looked at it.”

He added that he hoped the Government will “

finally get round to introducing something like this.”

Mr Charles concluded that the system would be a “godsend” to many people and holidaymakers this summer.

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The digital certificate aims to enable anyone vaccinated against Covid-19 or who has tested negative or recently recovered from the virus to travel within the EU.

Information on the Digital Green Certificate could include whether travellers have been vaccinated, whether they have COVID immunity already or whether they’ve had a recent PCR test. 

It is hoped a certificate will kick-start foreign travel.

The plans for the certificate are due to be discussed with EU leaders at a summit this week.

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