Apps to travel around Australia


When traveling to a destination you do not know, it is crucial to have a good internet data plan to use all the necessary apps to have a comfortable trip. You can find different ones depending on the country you are going to. In the case of Australia, you have the following:

  1. Apps for transportation and being able to move around in a new city

Learning to move around a city you do not know can be very complicated, since not knowing the streets is disorienting and you are not familiar with the transport system. You may get lost all the time, have a hard time finding the train stations, or knowing where to get off. Therefore, we recommend you download the following apps, which will be helpful in guiding you in your journey:

– Opal Travel (Sydney)

– PTV (Melbourne)

– My Translink (Brisbane and Gold Coast)

– Transperth (Perth)

These apps to guide you in Australia will make your life much easier until you start to get a hang of public transport and its routes. You just need to enter the place where you are and the place where you want to go, and the app will calculate the best combination of vehicles for you!

  1. Apps to travel comfortably

Everyone who visits Australia has an insatiable desire to travel all around its land. But many times, renting a car and traveling on your own can be dangerous if you don’t know the country, so we recommend downloading the following apps:

–    Wikicamps – This is the quintessential app for overnight camping or campervan travel around Australia. It shows you the best places to camp, parking lots to park your car and sleep without paying, and also all the places you can visit.

–    Airbnb – This app allows you to rent homes that offer accommodation anywhere in the country. It’s a great app because you can read reviews from other travelers and get an idea of what the place you’re staying in will be like.

–    Maps me – An app that allows you to download the map of your city and have it saved on your mobile without using data. You can also mark the different places, bars, and restaurants that you discover to come back to later.

  1. Apps to meet new people

When you arrive in a country, the first thing you want to do is meet new people and make friends. If you want to meet people to practice your English, you should definitely download these apps:

–    Meetup – It’s an app to get to know each other in the city. People of all nationalities make plans and post them, and you can sign up for free. You can meet a lot of people and practice your favorite hobbies.

–    Tinder – Most Australians use it frequently, and it’s a great way to meet Aussies and practice the language.

  1. Apps for eating in the city

Another thing that can happen when you are in a new country is not knowing where to eat. So if you want to know the best places to eat in your new city and not miss the best offers and promotions, you should download these apps:

–    Zomato – It’s an app where you can filter results according to the type of cuisine you like, plus, it shows you the price and menu of the places and sorts them by best score.

–    Happiest Hour – With this app, you can find all the promotions and best discounts offered by your favorite bars.

If you feel like traveling and want to discover this amazing country, remember it is essential to have your Australia e-visitor at hand. This document is an electronic travel visa suitable for travellers to Australia on tourist or short-term business visits.

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