Manfred Weber in vitriolic dig at UK as he blames Brexiteers for unrest – 'We did our job'


The European Parliament is signing off on the final legal step of the UK and EU’s post-Brexit trade agreement today. Manfred Weber praised the work of the European Union’s Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and fired several digs at Boris Johnson.

Mr Weber said: “Today we do the final legal step on the Brexit saga.

“We support the agreement today and the overwhelming majority gave us a good idea that the content is a good base for the future.

“I want to thank Michel Barnier for his great work, he always delivered and he always served the European interest.

“He delivered and he did a good job for us.

“In London, they now recognise step by step that Johnson cannot deliver on his promises.

“I think we did our job to do our best.

“When I grew up UK diplomacy was a symbol of credibility. Today when we saw the Northern Ireland protocol and how Johnson behaves the message is ‘I don’t care, I don’t care even about my signature’.

“That is the new Great Britain that we have as partners on our side.”


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