'Isn't that your job?' Keir left red-faced as he abandons calls for Boris to resign

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said it is “very important” the public have trust in their leaders when asked about whether it is the right time to put pressure on the Prime Minister over partygate allegations. Sir Keir, who had previously called for Boris Johnson to resign, faced a backlash for his comments. He told told ITV News: “In a time like this, it’s very important that the public have trust in their leaders.

“But I can tell you in the debate in Parliament tomorrow, we won’t be talking about partygate.

“We will be absolutely focused on the amendments that we need to pass to toughen up the sanctions regime. So, our challenge to the Government tomorrow is to go further and to go faster on this.”

Twitter user Andrea asked: “Isn’t that your job?”

While Les Bailey added: “Starmer a complete waste of space and Labour a spent force.”

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Roger Lodgerley questioned: “Putin wants us to divide on party political lines?”

Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey said it was right of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to set aside calls for the Prime Minister’s resignation in the wake of the partygate scandal.

He told Times Radio: “Those hard, underlying questions that ultimately Boris Johnson will have to return to answer about his law-breaking, about the parties in Downing Street, the police investigations will come back.

“But for now we must stand with other European nations and Labour gives its full backing to the extent the Government will stand by and support the Ukrainians’ resistance in Ukraine against the Russian invasion, and the toughest possible sanctions to help isolate and cut Russia out of the international system.”

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour’s general secretary has accused the Scottish and UK governments of treating the public “with contempt”, as he declared “bring on” the council elections.

James Kelly told party delegates he is confident Scottish Labour can win control of more councils in May’s local elections, citing dismay at the Conservatives over the partygate scandal and at the SNP’s workplace parking levy plans and their record on the NHS.

Speaking at the start of the Scottish Labour Party conference at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall on Friday, Mr Kelly said the election will come amid the backdrop of the SNP-Green cuts to council funding in the Scottish Budget and the Westminster Tory Government “who are treating the public with absolute contempt and disrespect”.


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The former Glasgow MSP said the Scottish Government’s plans to allow councils to charge annual fees for people to park at work are a “scandalous attack on working people”.

He said: “These are all the hallmarks of an administration that is detached, out of touch and treating people with contempt.

“From that point of view, I can’t wait for the council election, held against a background of a Holyrood administration slashing hundreds of millions of pounds each year from council budgets.

“Bring on the elections. We look forward to these council elections and our candidates and our activists will take the message on the doorsteps and into the street.

“I’m confident it’ll be well received and in these elections we’ll march forward to Labour victories in communities throughout Scotland.”

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