'Just rhetoric!' Raab rejects Putin's nuclear threats as distraction from failed invasion

The Deputy Prime Minister has insisted that Putin’s threats to use nuclear warheads in Ukraine is a distraction from his invasion failure. Speaking to Sky’s Trevor Phillips on Sunday, Mr Raab said: “I think the debate and the rhetoric around [nuclear] is just that. Sanctions are not an act of war, international law is very clear about that.

“Our sanctions are entirely both legally justified but also proportionate of what we’re trying to deal with.

“What it does show you is that this has not been the cake walk Putin expected and it’s not just us hearing that message, it’s Russian people and those Russian conscripts who were told they were peacekeepers in Ukraine who are finding fearsome resistence from the Ukrainians.

“This was not what their Commander and Chief had promised them.”

Mr Phillips added: “He has said this morning that Ukraine is developing a dirty nuclear bomb. No evidence for that whatsoever but could that be an escalation on his to the use of what are called battlefield nuclear weapons?”

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The minister continued: “I think it’s rhetoric and brinkmanship.

“He has track records as long as his arm of misinformation and propaganda and this is a distraction from the real issues at hand which is that it’s an illegal invasion and it’s not going according to plan.”

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