'EU have been storing vaccines!' Claire Fox slams EU 'high level of vaccine scepticism'

Claire Fox delivered a scathing undressing of the European Union on Question Time last night as she branded the bloc been “storing vaccines” as millions lie in fridges across the bloc. She added their behaviour has led to a “high level of vaccine scepticism”. The former MEP went on to claim how EU leaders have “ramped up tensions” over the vaccine chaos. She then fired off a stinging shot at Ursula von der Leyen for being “irresponsible in the extreme” for the vaccine chaos that has engulfed the bloc throughout the rollout of the vaccination programme.

In her fierce critique of the bloc the Brexiteer said: “Different countries in the EU have been storing vaccines and not giving them to their own people.”

She added how the European Union has frightened the general public in member states over its misleading comments over the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The former MEP said this behaviour has led to “a high level of vaccine scepticism in many countries in the EU.”

Fox went on to brand the EU having “really ramped up tensions” following earlier threats of a vaccine blockade on jab exports.

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Continuing her tirade Fox added how the bloc “deployed a form of protectionism” before adding “which I think is very frightening.”

She said “they (the bloc) made political hay of a health situation” while the UK spent “huge amounts of money” to help with the vaccine rollout around the world.

Fox then brutally dismantled Ursula von der Leyen saying the president of the European Commission “has been irresponsible in the extreme” and calling out her claims of Britain stopping Europe getting extra jabs as “nonsense”

She added she felt “most sorry” for the people in EU member states where the vaccine takeup has been low due to misinformation spread by leaders in the bloc.

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Earlier Ursula von der Leyen levelled a warning to AstraZeneca as the bloc continues to claim AstraZeneca are not honouring their contracts.

She told a Brussels news conference: “Companies have to honour their contract to the European Union before they export to other regions in the world. And this is, of course, the case with AstraZeneca.”

She insisted the company would have to play “catch up” before it is allowed to export doses outside of the bloc.

She hinted that Britain could be in the firing line of her draconian mechanism because the U.K. haven’t exported any doses to the bloc.

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