10 Creative and Fun Ways to Surprise Your Spouse at Work


Whether you and your spouse are working from home together or headed back to the office, there are plenty of ways to brighten your significant other’s day. From hydroponic gardens for their office kitchen to cute stuffed animal friends, here are 10 creative and fun ways to surprise your spouse at work.

  1. Put a Love Letter in Their Lunch Box

You don’t have to be a die-hard romantic or professional writer to craft the perfect love letter. Just write from your heart. Your spouse will light up when they open their usual humdrum lunch box and see your thoughtful handwritten note next to their turkey sandwich. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to really make your spouse’s day at work.

  1. Gift Them a Stuffed Animal Friend

You may not be able to cuddle your spouse. Send them a little plush friend that can cuddle with them. Consider sending them a stuffed animal care package. It can be a mythical animal or an everyday otter stuffed animal that fits nicely on their desk.

  1. Pick Them Up From Work

Ease the stress of commuting for your spouse one day by dropping them off and picking them up from work. You can arrange a surprise by picking them up after work one day to take them to dinner or a fun date night. Suddenly, you’ve made their workday by taking them out for lunch instead of their standard eating at their desk routine.

  1. Make a Photo Album

If your spouse’s work desk is rather plain, give it some pizazz by making them a photo collage or photo album with photos of you two together. It could be of you two together as a couple, with mutual friends and family or even just some snapshots of their favorite places and memories. They’ll appreciate the effort you put into making such a personal gift for them to look at when they need a smile at work.

  1. Arrange a Surprise Outing

If your spouse enjoys spending time with his team, this idea is one you can arrange with your spouse’s boss and coworkers. Arrange a surprise outing as a group to take your spouse out for post-work drinks or an activity. You all can go bowling or to an escape room. Your spouse will appreciate how much went into organizing this outing, and it’ll be great for team-building activities.

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  1. Send Them Lunch

Surprise your spouse by ordering them lunch from their favorite restaurant or takeout place. If they usually have a plain and simple meal for lunch, you can go the extra mile one day and make them a mini gourmet lunch. Get creative by looking at recipes online so you can inspire your inner chef. Their taste buds will be delighted!

  1. Get Them a Hydroponic Garden

The hydroponic garden is the gift that keeps on giving. He doesn’t need to be a gardening pro to work the hydroponic garden. There are plenty of mini ones that can easily fit on his work desk or in the shared office kitchen. Unlike traditional gardens, the plants of hydroponic gardeners grow with water instead of soil. All they need is some sunlight and air. Soon, he’ll be growing his own delicious leafy greens for his next office lunch.

  1. Leave Them Treats in Their Car

Does your spouse get peckish on the road? Maybe they’ll appreciate a little surprise treat when they drive off to work. Leave them some sweet or savory treats in their car to let them know you’re thinking of them.

  1. Get Them a Coupon Book

How can you count or show the ways of how much you love your spouse? You can start with a coupon book. There are ones that are premade with love coupons you can rip out. You can even make your own. They can be acts of service like a promise to do all the chores this week, a Herb Approach coupon, or a coupon for an hour-long back rub. Whenever your spouse needs a pick-me-up at work, they can browse through that coupon book you gave them and come home with a little love request in their hands.

  1.  Help Them Run an Errand

We all have at least one errand we’ve been putting off for a while. Maybe it’s picking up the dry cleaning. Perhaps it’s bringing the car in for an oil change. If your spouse has been talking about doing an errand for a while but hasn’t had the time or energy to get it done, go out of your way to surprise them and help them run that errand. When they get home from work, tell them, “Honey, I wanted to make your day a little easier, so I took care of gassing up the car for you.” 

According to a survey from eHarmony, a sense of commitment is one of the primary factors for happiness in a relationship. You don’t have to break the bank to show your spouse you love them and are committed to them. With these inexpensive and clever gift ideas in mind, you’re sure to put a smile on their face even during their most stressful workday.

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