What Is The Easiest Game To Earn Money?

Are you new to the online gaming world? Do you want to increase your chances of winning to earn more? Well, you are right on the spot, and this is exactly what you should be reading to get a head start.

While playing games can be easy, and there are hard stake games that pay way more, it requires time and skills. For beginners, it is better to start off with easy and fun games.

Good Paying Cash Games

There are plenty of games on the internet that lure potential players in for bigger cash prizes, but these games are taught to win. Other than new players, beginners, and bad players, there is a set of pros waiting for the pool to cash.

Most of these cash games are live and online poker. While gambling has its perks of easy money, you can just as easily lose it. There are two most common poker games being played online: high-stake poker and low-stake poker.

These games are considered soft games, and the bets are not much high, but poker needs a lot of mental taxing and strategizing.

If you want to win at something easy and fun, then cash games shouldn’t be on the list because it depends on how many hands you play, and the win rate varies from game to game.

Unless you hit the tournament jackpot, the earnings are less than average. It is better to stick to a little more fun game which does not require much planning.

Easy Money Games

Nobody thought there would be a time when people could actually earn by playing simple games. But today, gaming is one of the biggest industries, and almost every single human is playing some sort of a game to either entertain themselves or earn money.

Games are available for free download for everyone, there are professional-level games and beginner-level games as well. Those games which are easy to win do pay lower than other games, but it goes a long way. The more you play, the more you earn.

Here are a few easy games for everyone to enjoy and start earning. The prizes can be in the form of money, bitcoins, and even gift cards. If you have a cash app already installed, then you are all set to go.

1.  Lucktastic

Who would have thought that a free app could provide scratch-offs and gift cards daily to all members? This app is a reward platform that does not need much. All the players need to do is visit the app every day and scratch off to win prizes.

These prizes include discounts on products at your nearest convenience store, cash prizes, and even gift cards. Lucktastic has been known to award $10000 in card cash prizes and $500 in amazon gift card giveaways.

Apart from all that, the cashout limit is $, which makes it highly desirable. This is the easiest possible game anyone can play.

2. Solitaire

One of the oldest games everyone knows was even available on older computers.  It is no surprise that solitaire is one of the most played games that pay money. The app Solitaire cash has been downloaded globally and is being played.

This app offers bitcoin instead of cash. At the same time, people interested in crypto are very fond of this game. Suppose you are good at solitaire and want to use your gaming skill to test. Start by downloading solitaire cash and start earning with games that pay money.

The solitaire cash app also has other games that maintain a gaming interest among the users, and every game has the potential to pay you.

3. Bubble shooter

One of the easiest games of all time is the bubble shooter or the bubble burst. If you like to have something relaxing which is also helping you earn, bubble cash is the way to it.

All this game requires is to make at least a row of 3 bubbles matching the same color. There is a time restraint to every stage, and you need to start shooting bubbles to win real cash money.

This game is very popular among all online gaming players. It is available for download for free.

4. Money Bingo

It is very similar to Vegas style bingo nights with cash prizes. On a daily basis, there are small bonuses for all players, and bingo winners get real cash prizes. Bingo is one of the most common and easiest games available for download.

Other than money bingo, you can also download bingo cash or bingo blitz from a Swagbucks account.

To enjoy the game with easy payouts, it is better to play the game through Swagbucks, ysense, and even a PayPal account.

There are plenty of games out there, depending on what type of games you like. If you like adventure, then you should try;

  1.     Exodus 3000
  2.     Second life
  3.     Play Rummy
  4.     Paid Game player

These games are a blend of adventure and arcade, the touch of storyline and intellect keeps the player motivated and the will to excel.

Platforms for Easy Earning

Other than games available on the play store or apple store to be downloaded, there are different cash wallets and platforms that allow registering for free. These online sites and apps have more than hundreds of games that are easy to play, and every game has a set reward.

These games are very easy arcades and even adventure games, which make time go fast, and every moment is worth money. While the money earned from these wallets is not a lot, they are enough as pocket money.

The most common easy game platforms are Paypal wallets, Swagyduck, inbox dollar, Mistplay, and even twitch.

If you ask around, you will see many players using these wallets because of their already established link to Paypal, Payoneer, or skrill. It gets easier to earn with these wallets. The wallet is also available for free download and registration.


The games are termed the easiest depending on the player’s intellect and skill set. Many people like to play puzzle games, but for many, it is the same opposite. But some games are basic games that are available for everyone to play online with free download and registration. All you need to do is download and start playing.

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