Strategies to Winning in Fish Shooting Games


Fish shooting is one of the most enigmatic games in the online casino and yet it is full of fun and thrill that can make any newbie addicted. Out of all the games in the casino, fish shooting is the closest thing we had from an arcade game.

Unlike its cousin video slots, fish shooting relies on strategy rather than pure luck although both games have similar components. You mostly find this game under the Arcade category in an online casino online platform.

This game is a favorite among punters like slots because of its close resemblance to an arcade video game that non-gamblers enjoy. If you are really good at video games and are starting to enjoy gambling, this particular game is a good primer if you want to learn to gamble.

We compiled several tips that will aid you to improve your ban ca game. Before you start to play and place your bets, ponder over these tips for you to make the most of your fishing games.

Utilize Moustache Technique

Most of the newbie players of this game focus on shooting big fishes and neglect the small fishes. This method is surely a waste of time and money as big fishes are fast and hard to kill unless you have an upgraded gun.

The Moustache tactics rely upon shooting first the small fishes to increase collect points to upgrade their cannon and then start to shoot big fishes as well. This method will allow you to not miss any opportunities to collect points with each passing by.

Shoot Slowly but Surely

If you focus on shooting big fishes it will take more time to load and waste bullets before you even kill one. This method will make you lose more money and waste your bullets. What you need to do is to shoot big fishes gradually until you collect points.

Start With a Specific Budget and Be Consistent

Just like within any form of gambling in the casino, you should start with a specific budget and stick to it. If you gamble more and bet money that you can’t afford to lose you will have problems later. This will also prevent you from developing a gambling addiction, a condition that has detrimental effects on a player.

The Main Goal Is Killing the Final Boss

You should know that killing the main boss is the main goal of the game. The reason for this is not just to reap rewards but because it has some amazing surprises. Upon killing the final boss, it will explode and simultaneously kill all of the small fishes on the table and earn you more points.

Focus On the Game

You must also know that the goal is to shoot as many fish as possible within a limited time frame. You can do this by concentrating on the game, some people are tense and lose so many fishes. By taking breaths and being calm, you will yourself shoot many fish fast and have an accurate aim.

Pay Attention to Each Type of Fish

Each type of fish in the fishing table has its own equivalent points, some fish are hard to shoot because they are fast. Refrain from shooting fish with more points because they are hard to kill and consume more bullets, focus on fishes with smaller points but easier to shoot.

Choose the Right Game

There are literally hundreds of fish shooting games out there and each one is unique to each other. You can admit that it is difficult to choose the right fish shooting game that suits your style and preference. Some games have beautiful offers but lack conviction and unrewarding.

Choose a game that has lively sounds and has lucrative offers that are based on reality and easy to attain, these games have a beautiful interface too.

Fish shooting games are fun and exciting to play for experts and newbies alike. If you haven’t tried this game, make sure you try it on your favorite casino Singapore site.


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