Rishi Sunak slaps down SNP after MP claimed Sturgeon's party 'more noble' than Tories

The SNP’s John Nicolson stated that the UK Government had faced a “disastrous week” and hailed the policies put forward by Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish Government. However, Rishi Sunak hit back stating that what the Tory Government was delivering what the Scottish people cared about most.

The SNP MP said: “My goodness, what a disastrous week for the UK Government.”

He continued: “The SNP has committed to doubling the Scottish child payment and carers allowance and introducing a new winter heating payment.

“Does the Chancellor accept these are more noble social objectives than enriching well-placed cronies?”

Mr Sunak replied: “What I believe to be a more noble objective is to focus on the day-to-day concerns of the Scottish people at this difficult time which is making sure the economy recovers, the vaccines are rolled out and that our children receive the education that they deserve.

“These are the issues I know the Scottish people will care about the most in the coming weeks.”

More to follow…

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