Priti Patel slams Sadiq Khan as Mayor to sell police stations amidst crime surge in London

Home Secretary Priti Patel demanded that Sadiq Khan take greater responsibility for the surge in crimes across London. While speaking in the House of Commons, Tory MP Felicity Buchan warned of more closures to London police stations despite the issues of violence and knife crime. Ms Patel argued that it was Mayor Khan’s duty to protect the community and address issues. 

After hearing from the Tory MP  that two police stations are set to be sold, she reiterated their importance to the community and as a line of defence against crime. 

Ms Buchan said: “Knife and gang crime is an issue in my constituency.

“But at the same time, two police stations north of my constituency are under threat.

“One of which is in Nottinghill which the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is planning to sell.

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“He closed its front counter a couple of years ago.

“The other police station, on Lancaster Road, the lease is due to expire.

“Does my right honourable friend agree with me that given that this Government huge investment in the police, we need physical police stations in London and the north of my constituency?”

Ms Patel agreed and praised the MP for her work in her constituency.

Ms Patel then spoke directly to the London Mayor and what she expects of him.

She said: “Police and crime commissioners are elected to be accountable to the communities that they serve.

“With that, they also need to be a strong voice when it comes to fighting crime and dealing with it.

“As my right honourable friend has rightly highlighted they be a strong voice against the issue of knife crime, drug crime and attacks on young people.”

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