Is there any permanent solution for erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction
erectile dysfunction

To begin, there are ED causes that can be “reversed.” Cigarettes, narcotics, and alcohol are all things that may be cut out of one’s life if they are causing erectile dysfunction. Anxiety, stress, or a strained romantic connection may all contribute to ED.

Some problems that cannot be healed (such as hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety or excessive cholesterol) may improve when treated, and the resulting ED typically improves as well.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can’t be cured because of what?

The term “erectile dysfunction” refers to the inability to regularly get or sustain an erection in order to engage in sexual activity. “Regular” is the essential word here. The occasional inability to get  Cenforce 100 a strong erection in men is to be expected, but when it becomes the exception rather than the rule, or when it just ceases to occur, that is ED, and it may be an indication that something else is going on within the man.

In certain circumstances, you can do anything about the cause or condition. That’s all it takes. It takes more time and work to deal with the root of the issue (whether it’s a hormone imbalance, depression, or anxiety), but it’s definitely worth it. Treating the underlying issue may help or perhaps eliminate your ED altogether, without the need of ED drugs like sildenafil Fildena 100 (Viagra) or tadalafil (Avanafil) (Cialis).

In some circumstances, your doctor will want to delve a bit further to get to the bottom of the problem.

Causes of ED that can be treated

Consequences of medication

At least 25% of all ED cases are related to medications that have the potential to produce ED as a side effect. Diabetic meds, certain antidepressants (particularly SSRIs and SNRIs), indigestion pills, antihistamines, and some opioid painkillers are the worst offenders.

Talk to your doctor if you suspect that your medicine is causing ED. It’s possible that they’ll advise you to cut the dosage, stop taking Vidalista 20 it, or switch to a medicine with a lower risk of ED.

Nicotine and narcotics for recreation

It’s a common belief that taking sex-enhancing substances like alcohol, marijuana and cocaine can help you feel more confident and arousal, but the truth is that these substances actually make it much more difficult to get and maintain a satisfying erection. This is why it’s so important to avoid these substances. As a result, refrain from abusing drugs. The only thing they’ll accomplish is leave you disappointed.

When it comes to becoming hard and being sexually aroused, nicotine (whether smoked or vaporised) may hinder both of these processes.

Take a look at your social habits and see whether you’re smoking, drinking, or using marijuana or other drugs recreationally if you’re having problems with your sexual function. If this is the case, your erectile dysfunction may be caused by these factors.


Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are all linked to erectile dysfunction, and all three are made more likely by being overweight or obese, especially around the midsection. Wasn’t it interesting to learn that fat reduces testosterone levels? Next, we’ll talk about it.

If you’re overweight, decreasing weight by eating healthily and exercising regularly may improve your mental and physical health, not to mention your sex life.

There was a 2004 research that found that sexual function and low testosterone levels improved in 51 men with ED induced by high prolactin concentrations that were treated for six months.

Sleep apnea that is obstructed (OSA)

In males with OSA, ED is more prevalent than in those without OSA (69 percent vs 34 percent in this 2009 study of 401 German men).

Vidalista 20 and vidalista 40 are two forms of ED drugs.

Counseling, psychotherapy, and therapies for stress, anxiety, and depression are all options for treating these issues and, as a result, alleviating the symptoms of ED.

Fildena 100 helps in maintaining an erect penis.

You can improve your ED symptoms if you reduce your high cholesterol levels, according to strong research.


Erectile dysfunction may be caused by riding a bike, however this is a curable condition. You can use cenforce 100 for treating ED.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) may be alleviated by a few easy tweaks to your bicycle seat. The best choice for serious ED riders is a broad seat without a nose, and they should also make sure that the seat is at the proper height and not inclined up. According to the findings of this study: Wider saddles were shown to be better for blood flow to the penis in a 2002 German research, although padding didn’t appear to make much of a difference.

In a nutshell:

In other words, erectile dysfunction may be treated and healed, but it all relies on the reason. It’s simpler to “treat” certain forms of ED than others. However, ED may be treated without the use of ED drugs like Generic Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis if the proper diagnosis, support, and therapy are provided. (Tadalafil).

There have not been any new anti-impotence drugs in almost a decade. Unlike other PDE5 inhibitors, this one is quickly absorbed and has a high degree of major specificity.

As a result of four randomised and controlled trials of the medicine, 277 patients (18.3% of the sample) attempted intercourse within 15 minutes of treatment, even though they were directed to take a dosage 30 minutes before to sexual activity.

The researchers analysed answers to question 3 of the Sexual Encounter Profile to determine their success rates (SEP3). One of three dosages of the medicine, 50 mg, 100 mg or 200 mg, were given to the patients, however the majority (75 percent) upped their dosage to 200 mg.

Non-diabetics and males who’d had bilateral, nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy were included in the study. About a third of the participants reported severe ED.

More men on the medicine who tried intercourse within 15 minutes were successful than those on placebo (P 0.05), according to Mulhall and colleagues.

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