An overview of the treatments for erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction
erectile dysfunction

In the past, erectile dysfunction or ED treatment was just a uniform approach, It was beginning with ED medicine, it medicine did not work properly then moving on to other options.

But now doctors are relying more on natural treatments to personalize ED treatment. .

If you find out that you have erectile dysfunction and are concerned about it, be sure to talk to your doctor. Erectile dysfunction treatment becomes easier when the underlying cause can be diagnosed.

Erectile dysfunction medicines:

Viagra is one of the most used drugs in ED treatment. There are also many other medicines available in the market such as Avanafil (Standra), Fildena 100, Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra) and also Vidalista 20. All of these medicines are clinically approved that they can provide adequate blood supply to the penis, increase sexual arousal, and build enough erection during intercourse. It also has a quick dissolving form of Levitra, known as Staxin, which you can put under your tongue, and it works very quickly. .

Another effective ED drug is Cialis,  Cenforce 100, Kamagra which are also FDA-approved for daily use of 2.5 or 5 mg doses. By taking it, you can get erection according to your needs. This drug can also help you to relieve urinary problems such as difficulty in starting to urinate. This problem of urination is caused by enlarged prostate.


Here are some symptoms that you may feel if you have erectile dysfunction:

  • Trouble of getting sufficient erection during sexual intercourse
  • Facing difficulties keeping or maintaining penile erection during the sexual intercourse
  • Reduced sexual desire while you are involved in sex with your partners.

Natural treatment for ED:

Eat healthy diet:

Healthy diet can prevent lots of problem. There are some foods that are just as bad for the human heart as they are not suitable for erectile dysfunction.

Studies have shown that certain eating habits restrict blood flow to the coronary arteries, leading to heart attacks and obstructing blood flow to the penis. You need to remember that proper blood flow to the genitals is required to erect the penis. Diets high in fat fried and processed foods with very few fruits and vegetables can increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood and reduce blood circulation.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Having excessive weight can lead to a various health disorder as well as type 2 diabetes, considered as the main responsible for nerve damage. This diabetes affects the blood supply nerves to the penis, leading to ED. A slim and trim body without fat helps you to fight against different health disorders along with ED or impotence. Research shows that more than 50% chance of suffering from ED or other sexual disorder for a man with over weight than a slim man. So getting a perfect body structure is a good strategy if you want to free from other sexual problem like ED or erection problem.

Drink alcohol in moderation or not at all.

Alcohol consumption is bad for health so it is not a good substance for erectile dysfunction or erection problems. But heavy drinking can lead to heart damage, liver damage, nerve damage, and various other conditions – such as loss of male sex hormone levels, which can later lead to ED.

Keep testosterone perfect:

Testosterone is the main responsible for erection and sexual desire during sexual intercourse. Testosterone levels often drop sharply in men over the age of 50, no matter how healthy they are.

It can lead to low sex drive, mood swings, lack of stamina, or decision-making problems. Then the doctor suggested that the testosterone deficiency be met. A doctor should be consulted if you face such issues.

Quit smoking 

Having erectile dysfunction or erection problems, you should control the smoking habit that can make the situation more serious. Mainly nicotine is such a type of substance that may enhance erectile dysfunction, so you stop taking the tobacco, which can prevent ED.


Emotional Stress, anxiety, depression are the common cause of ED. Most of the urologists say that the mental health could be a big factor for the person who has ED, so they recommend counseling.

Many people prefer personal counseling; this option can give a person a private and unjust place to talk openly about his sexual disability. In this case, a psychologist can help his patient manage stress, anxiety, or feelings of low self-esteem. Some research shows that 50%–70% of males are cured of ED by attending therapy with their partner.

Vitamins and supplement

Lots of research has been done on Vitamin D, and all report shows that this Vitamin can treat the ED ideally. This Vitamin is considered the steroid hormone that has been highly associated with our sexual ability and cardiovascular health.

Research in 2020 showed there are significant associations between vitamin D with ED. But experts suggest taking it high level as low levels may make symptoms worse, compared with sufficient vitamin D levels.

Prescribe injectable medicines and suppositories

There is efficient medicine called alprostadil which need to inject into the penis for getting stronger erection. It helps to fill the penis with enough amount of blood. If ED becomes serious, then doctors sometime prescribe this medicine. Oral medicines can enhance the response to sexual stimulation Health injectable trigger your automatic erection.


Acupuncture is highly effective therapy for treating ED or erectile Dysfunction. This is ancient Chinese therapy for removing depression, stress, and anxiety. It involves inserting very thin, metal needles painlessly at some specific points for remove the stress or depression. It does not help to remove the symptom of ED directly. By removing the stress or anxiety, the ED can be removed from the body very easily.

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