Brexit LIVE: Cowardly Boris awards 'rigged' fish quotas to Scotland as rest of UK suffers

Mr Johnson has been attacked for the quotas handed out to the devolved nations, with Northern Ireland crying foul. Fishermen there said the move was at their expense, and claimed their Brexit fish dividend has been “plundered”.

They claimed to have received just £14million of the £20million-a-year quote they were due to receive.

Alan McCulla, chief executive of the Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers OrganIsation, said the Government intends to give the bulk of the Brexit fish to Scotland.

He claimed it was part of a ruse to increase support for Tory candidates ahead of the Scottish elections in May.

It is hoped the extra votes will help ward off a second Scottish independence referendum – something Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP party has promised if it secures a mandate in the election.

As part of the post-Brexit trade deal agreed with the EU, the UK reclaimed access to fish within its own waters.

The Government would decide how to divide the new quotas up between the four nations.

The plan was quietly published on Wednesday, with Mr McCulla accusing the Government of short-changing Northern Ireland.

He said: “The London government’s spin that the Brexit fisheries boost is distributed across the UK may be true, but the fact is that distribution has been rigged to favour some areas more than others.”


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