Bet French are furious! Macron mocked as EU invites Truss to Russia meetings

Gleeful readers slammed the French President who has long been accused of doing all he can to pit the bloc against Brexit Britain. But as soon as the crisis unfolded in Ukraine – after Vladimir Putin ordered 200,000 troops to enter the former Soviet state last week – many pointed out how the UK and its military might were swiftly welcomed back into the fold.

Horus commented: “They just cannot do without the guidance of the UK, bet the French are furious.”

BrynCartwright wrote: “As we are the most powerful military force in Western Europe they suddenly want us.

“The EU is so lacking in identifying even their own interests until an emergency arrives. From energy security to defence they are incompetent.”

Jonha said: “The big, all-powerful EU once again absolutely lost and impotent without the UK around.”

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The US, Canada, and Ukraine have also been invited to the EU meeting.

Ms Truss confirmed her attendance at a press conference in Lithuania.

The Foreign Secretary said “we need to go further” on introducing sanctions against Moscow as she called for Russia to be expelled from the Swift finance system completely.

She said: “I will be raising these issues at the G7 tomorrow and also at the European Union foreign affairs council alongside the United States, Canada, and Ukraine, who have also been invited in these extraordinary circumstances.”

“This is a struggle not just for Ukraine’s freedom and self-determination, but for all of our freedom and security.

“By continuing to respond with strengths we will together ensure that Putin loses,” the minister added.

“We worked with the US the EU and G7 to cut off funding for Putin’s war machine, kicking Russian banks out of the financial system.

“We need to go further.

“We need to make sure no Russian bank has access to Swift.”

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