Andrew Neil silences 'numpty' Remainer over UK flag criticism with brutal Twitter attack

The veteran journalist attacked the europhile after they claimed placing flags on items was “unpleasant and quite intimidating” – despite flaunting the EU flag in their own Twitter profile. The former This Week host’s brutal shutdown came after ‘North Hampshire For Europe FBPE’ account tweeted a picture of Mornflakes Mighty Oats which prominently display the Union flag.

The account’s profile picture is a pro-EU graphic, while the username also features an EU flag.

Commenting on the picture, the account wrote: “Very upset by porridge I saw in Morrison’s.

“This flagging everything is very unpleasant and quite intimidating.”

Pointing out the glaring hypocrisy, Mr Neil replied: “Says #FBPE numpty with two EU flags in their Twitter handle.”

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“I’d prefer to see Welsh flags on Welsh products, Scottish flags on Scottish products and English flags on English products.

“Not any of this union malarkey. Thought that’s why we got out of the EU.”

A third joked: “Intimidated by porridge? Let’s hope you never have to face anything more scary in your life.”

The news emerged a day after reported Labour members in Warrington said the flying of the Union flag was “chilling”.

Another described it as a “move from the Fascist playbook”.

The leaked WhatsApp messages were made by members in Warrington, Cheshire, and posted during a debate about flying the Union flag.

It comes after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer started appearing in videos with the Union flag in the background to flaunt his patriotic credentials.

But the spat threatens to derail Labour leader Sir Keir’s attempts to take back Red Wall votes in northern England which switched over to the Tories in December 2019.

Many of these previously lifelong Labour voters are fiercely patriotic and are likely to take a dim view of the party’s bumbling attempts to distance itself from Jeremy Corbyn-era apologist policies.

The controversy was sparked after former MP for Warrington South Faisal Rashid, who is standing in May’s local elections, posted a screenshot from ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Mr Rashid has yet to comment on the controversy.

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