6 Simple Steps To Declutter Your Bathroom

Declutter Your Bathroom
Declutter Your Bathroom

One of the rooms that we often forget in terms of cleaning is the bathroom. Or sometimes we actually remember to clean it up but we are just too tired to start doing that. Whereas it is very important to note that cleaning your bathroom is the best way to reduce the risk of infection and illness. It is not exaggerated to say that your bathroom is the ultimate bacteria host!

Cleaning the bathroom becomes irritating because there are so many things that we can find in our small bathroom. This made it hard for us to collect the intention within us to start cleaning. Thus why we recommend you to declutter first before doing the cleaning.

Yep, this is a very good start. Decluttering the bathroom is not as hard as the other space in your house. Because as we mentioned before, the space is a lot smaller than the other room. Thus, you won’t be too overwhelmed by the mess. Here are simple steps to start decluttering your bathroom.

Put everything in one space

Put every product and tool from the bathroom in one place. Having all the products in one place instead of scattering them all around, will help you to get a fresh perspective. It helps you to make more rational decisions because you realize that you indeed possess a lot of things –that sometimes you don’t need anymore.

For example, you have tons of nail polishes, where you only paint your nails every once a year. You might also discover that half of the four packs of cough drops you have are expired, or the collection of hair products you’ve been hoarding because you think you might use them someday, is not in a good quality anymore.

Throw expired makeup and medications

Examine all of your cosmetics and m Everything that has expired should be thrown into the garbage immediately. You should avoid using expired prescriptions and cosmetics! Even if the cosmetics still look fine, it does not mean that you can still use them anywhere near your face!

Declutter your bathroom cleaning products

You might buy lots of cleaning products that you think might be useful someday. But in reality, it might not be as useful as you think and you end up storing all of that in your bathroom –making it look messier than it was before. It is unnecessary. Not only is it a waste of your money (and space), but you also do not need a lot of products for cleaning. You can utilize three basic products to achieve effective cleaning. When you are decluttering your bathroom, it is important to also get rid of half of the cleaning product you don’t use.

Clear the counters

It is so amazing to know what a spotless surface can do for small areas! We used to keep toothbrushes and other hygiene products in our sink. As a result, it looks messy, dirty, and ineffective! You might forget where you store your product, and end up buying it again, where actually you still have it you just forget where you put it. Thus why you need to find an idea for much more effective storage for your bathroom product. With a much simpler sink to maintain, you can wipe it off in less than a minute every day.

Declutter bath toys

If you have little kids, you might have tons of bath toys in your bathroom. It was overwhelming and made cleaning the tub quite challenging. Also without you realizing it, the toys might be loaded with mold. And this is very dangerous if your child uses it while it’s dirty. Get rid of all of them, and only choose one set of bath toys instead. You can put the toys that fit neatly under the bathroom sink for storage. To clean and sanitize the bath toys, you can occasionally run them through the dishwasher.

Evaluate and organize your storage space

Do not head straight to the container store before determining what you need. First, find a way to arrange things in your room so that you can see and reach everything without having to move dozens of items. On top of that you can also use shoe boxes or other boxes you don’t use for storage instead of shopping for new one. You can design it through DIY, to achieve more creative-looking storage.

By the time you are done, everything should have been stored neatly and it will make it easier for you to brush or clean your bathroom. If you are still tired or don’t have the will to do it, you can instead contact Luce Home and hire their professional team to clean your house (including your bathroom).

Bye-bye germs!

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