Bathroom Maintenance Tips To Increase Your Home Value


While bracing up to sell off your property, you would look out for the best value in the market. Well, it’s easy to remain obsessed with modular kitchens, high-end fittings and furnishings, and a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Have you prioritized your bathroom, which most of the potential buyers would scrutinize for functionalism and aesthetics? Right from shower sealing to other components, you need to keep them in proper conditions. This way, you can bargain a better deal for your property.

In this post, we have come up with certain guidelines that would help you in renovating your bathroom in the right way.

Pro tips to maintain your bathroom before selling your home

  1. Get new fixtures

The visual appeal of your property goes a long way in impacting the buyer’s psychology. So, you need to do away with inefficient and outdated fixtures in your bathroom. So, get the right professionals to work on the shower seal, showerheads, faucets, and taps. Moreover, get some energy-saving installations for your bathroom.

With efficient showerheads, the owner would be able to conserve water bills. On average, the water usage in the household would drop by around 4%.

  1. Repaint the walls

When you try to sell out your home, make sure to give a facelift to the bathroom walls. It’s the right time to do away with the outdated colours and warping paints from the walls. With a bright and modern look on these walls, you can get a better deal.

Also, go for neutral shades apart from simply white. For instance, tones like cerulean blue, creamy white, charcoal, and soft grey would elicit the charm in your bathroom. Professionals habitually recommend homeowners apply special paint for bathrooms. These paints are capable of handling humid conditions. Besides, they are highly resistant to flaking, mildew, and mould.

  1. New silicone sealant

In case the silicone sealant in your bathroom is old and damaged, it would lead to mould growth. Besides, the buyer wouldn’t like the unpleasant sight of gaps exposed on the surface. It would also make the space susceptible to leakage of water.

So, you need to hire a professional company to reseal the corners, and work on the bathtub, as well as other places where the floors meet the walls. Silicone sealants go a long way in enhancing the waterproofing features of your bathroom.

  1. Replaced damaged tiles

Just a few broken or damaged tiles exposing the splits on the bathroom walls can negatively impact the looks of your shower. Working with seasoned professionals, you can complement the looks of your bathroom with new tiles in innovative designs and shapes. The fresh look would seamlessly blend with the old one, enhancing the appearance of the bathroom significantly. Working with experts, you won’t mess up with the waterproofing capabilities of the tiles.

 Hire an experienced professional for bathroom renovation

For ensuring an effective facelift for your bathroom at affordable costs, make sure to consult an expert. This way, you would have an advantage in terms of bargaining power when you put your property on sale. A renovated bathroom would attract potential buyers faster, helping you sell off the property.

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