Why Laurel is the Most Climatically Comfortable Place in Maryland


Nestled halfway between our nation’s capital, Washington, DC, and the bustling city of Baltimore, Laurel, MD boasts a great mix of urban and suburban feel in this beautifully diverse city.  With a median income of just over $80,000 – almost twice the national average, Laurel is chocked full of young professionals and growing families.

With so many things to do including visits to the National Wildlife Visitors Center to check out some amazing animal facts, view the excitement of horse racing at the Laurel Park Race Track, or play archaeologist with the family at the Dinosaur Park, Laurel never disappoints. Seasonally, there are a few local celebrations like the Main Street Festival and Riverfest which draw visitors and residents alike.

In addition to its amazing citizens, thriving tourism, and the “must-visit” local shops and restaurants, another of the best reasons to live in Laurel, is its extremely cozy climate.

The Beauty (and Climate) of All Four Seasons

Some US citizens residing in the far north, south, or west are often envious of areas that experience each of the four seasons in all their beauty. However, with each of those seasons comes varying types of weather, but Laurel residents do not commonly receive it to the extreme.

Create a Seasonal Home Maintenance Plan

From the beautiful foliage of spring to the calm white blanket of snow in the winter months, this city sees it all. Even in a seasonal and comfortable climate, it’s essential that Marylanders prepare their homes and properties for all the magnificence that the four seasons have to offer.


March, April, and May are the months traditionally associated with the spring seasons which, of course, means precipitation. From a common low temperature of 36 degrees F in March to a sun-kissed 76 degrees F in late May, spring brings 21% of its annual rainfall average of 45 inches to feed all of the area’s gorgeous flowers and foliage. However, surprisingly, spring is not the city’s wettest season.

While spring rain and winds are prevalent in most of the areas with a traditional “April showers bring May flowers” situation, spring promotes the first opportunity for Marylanders to take stock of any home damage. Walking around the outside of the home and taking note of any damage, deterioration, weak spots, and debris that may require attention.

After the spring storm season has passed, it’s time to clean out the gutter system. Winds can be the culprit of branches, twigs, seeds, dirt, and dust accumulation inside gutter basins and when bound together with moisture, cause gutter clogs which can result in excessive home damage over time. Contact local gutter cleaning experts from Laurel, MD to take care of the dirty work for you and preserve your home’s value during the springtime.


Summer takes the trophy for being Laurel’s wettest season with 27% of its annual precipitation – welcomed by many residents to cool down during June, July, and August. While there are some hotter days in the summertime, July in the city averages 87 degrees F which is perfect for those looking to soak up the sun on one of the area’s 207 sunny days.

In these hotter months, rain is still a concern as pests seem to come out of the woodwork (and the gutters). Inspect your home again as summer approaches and look for any gutter buildup. Warm, wet areas are the perfect breeding area for mosquitoes which can prevent Laurel’s residents from spending time outside enjoying that comfy climate.


Fall boasts the most breathtaking colors as the leaves change in area parks and property and the temperature range of 40 and 70 degrees F feels really nice during September, October, and November. The number of rain days lessens and this season becomes a great time to spend some time outside.

One of those outdoor adventures should include cleaning out the home’s gutters and downspouts from all the fallen leaves in the area. If left unkempt, those beautiful brown, yellow, and orange leaves create a massive clog. When winter arrives in the city, there is a danger of ice damming where water is blocked under rooftop snow and when attempts to drain into the gutter system, refreezes and places a heavy burden on the home. Contact a local gutter cleaning company in Laurel to schedule your semi-annual gutter cleaning as preventative maintenance for massive repair costs.


There is nothing cozier than watching the snowflakes fall with a hot cup of chocolate, but with the area’s 13 average inches of snow per year and temperatures between 27 and 45 degrees F, it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Before the snow begins to fall, give your home a once-over to prepare for the winter months. Check for any airflow around doors and windows and use weather stripping or insulating foam to keep the heat in and the critters out.

According to Best Places, Laurel, MD is awarded the coveted title of being one of the most comfortable places to live in Maryland. With an overall score of 7.3 out of 10 and criteria based on average temperatures and precipitation amounts, this city has much to offer its residents.

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