Nobody wants to get into legal trouble, but sadly many do. A person arrested with a criminal charge is taken to jail, where he must stay until produced in the court for a bail hearing. For a common misdemeanor, bail can be obtained easily. The judge decides a bail amount to be posted by the defendant; after that, he is free to go. But the process sounds easier than it actually is. Before a judge decides bail for the defendant, he takes many things into consideration. Depending on the severity of the crime and the defendant’s criminal record, the bail amount may be increased. 


At the time of bail, the defendant signs a contract promising that he will promptly attend all the hearings set by the court. If a defendant is physically unable to come to any of the court hearings, he may let his bail agent know his reasons for not coming before the actual court date. But if the accused does not show up to the court altogether, he may face grave consequences for skipping bail. That is why the most crucial thing for getting bail is the factor of flight risk. Continue reading this article to know more about what makes one a flight risk.


Nature of Crime: The severity of a crime dictates whether one gets bail or not. If a person is charged with a misdemeanor, it is more likely that he would not try to escape and therefore is not a flight risk. But on the other hand, someone charged with a felony is considered a flight risk because he may want to escape the judgment, as showing up at the trial might lead to years of imprisonment. A defendant with little chance of winning the trial would want to flee to live a free life out of prison. 


Employment Status: Someone with a meaningful job and a good reputation in office will not abandon his livelihood to start a new career somewhere else. A defendant with a full-time job is not a flight risk and therefore is likely to get bail. Those who do not have enough money saved up for bail may consider reaching out to a bail company. In California, most bail firms only take a fee of 10% and pay the rest of the sum on the defendant’s behalf. A person granted bail may reach bail bonds San Diego CA for a fast bail from jail. 


Financial Resources: People with a sound economic background are considered flight risks. They can easily arrange for a quick gateway and settle in a different country, where they can start a new life. That is why a rich person with a serious allegation against him may find it harder to get bail. Even if he gets bail, the amount will be set considerably high. 


Family and Community Ties: If an accused has a strong bond with his family members and local community, he is less likely to leave everything behind. A defendant, well regarded in his community, is unlikely to abandon all ties, so he is not a flight risk. 


A judge considers all these things and more before setting a bail amount. If the accused was arrested previously, and the records show that he appeared promptly for the court hearing, it suggests that he will in the future do the same. In the end, one must realize that an arrestee is not guilty yet, so he should not be treated as a criminal. For an innocent person, getting bail is crucial for his mental and physical well-being. 

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