What is the difference between MCB, MCCB, ELCB, and RCCB

MCB, MCCB, RCCB, and ELCB are all different circuit breakers. Their purpose is different, and they are designed with different objectives. You must be looking for the difference between all mentioned circuit breakers. Before explaining the difference between all circuit breakers, we will first look at their description. Let us understand a bit about all circuit breakers separately.

Miniature Circuit Breaker

Its short form is MCB. When there is any abnormal situation, it will detect and switch off the circuit automatically to avoid any serious problem. Abnormal conditions might include overload and short circuits. This device protects the electrical wires and keeps equipment and people secure. They save people and equipment from hazards and fire problems. MCB devices are easy, simple, and convenient to handle by anyone.

If you are thinking about your house applications and electrical appliances in your home, miniature circuit breakers are the best suitable option for you. If you have a miniature circuit breaker, you will save on repair and maintenance costs.

Features of Miniature Circuit Breaker

  • Current rating of 125 Amp
  • Thermal and thermal-magnetic operations
  • Not adjustable characteristics

Molded Case Circuit Breaker

The short form of a molded case circuit breaker is mccb full form. Like a miniature circuit breaker, it is a protection device for your electrical applications, wires, and appliances. It works when the current increases from the limit of a miniature circuit breaker. It also provides protection again overload and short circuit situations and switches off the supply immediately. It can also be used in domestic applications and appliances. MCCB devices have a high breaking capacity that is good for industrial applications and appliances.

Features of Molded Case Circuit Breaker

  • Current rating of 1600 Amp
  • Thermal and thermal-magnetic operations
  • Adjustable characteristics

Residual Current Circuit Breaker

The short form of a residual current circuit breaker is RCCB. RCCB will switch off and disconnect the circuits in two conditions as given below;

  1. If there is a current imbalance in the phase conductors
  2. If the leakage of the current flow from the human body

Residual current circuit breakers are safety devices that detect the fault immediately, compared to many other devices. It trips without fault and protects equipment and people from sudden electric shocks, fire, and damage. These devices can also be used with miniature circuit breakers. Residual current circuit breakers have two wires; phase wires and neutral wires. These wires are connected with the residual current circuit breakers. They detect leakage currents of 30 mA, 100 mA, and 300 mA. These devices protect the human body efficiently and have more advantages than earth leakage circuit breakers.

Features of Residual Current Circuit Breaker

  • Connected through both phase and neutral wires
  • Trips when a current fault exists
  • Protect the shocks efficiently
  • Current flows from phase line and return from the neutral wire

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

The short form of earth leakage circuit breaker is ELCB. They work just like residual current circuit breakers. Earth leakage circuit breaker is the voltage sensing device. Earth leakage circuit breaker is not in common use as it is very old technology and is an outdated device.

Features Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

  • Three wires are connected
  • Work best in case of earth leakages
  • Safe device to protect the human body from earth leakage faults

Difference between MCB, MCCB, RCCB, and ELCB

1 Miniature circuit breaker Molded case circuit breaker Residual current circuit breaker Earth leakage circuit breaker
2 The current rating up to 125 Amp The current rating up to 1600 Amp The current rating up to 25 Amp The current rating ranges from 3 Amp to 630 Amp
3 Tripping is not adjustable Tripping is fixed as well as adjustable These devices trip when they sense different currents. They trip only when there is current leakage.
  4 Current interrupting rating is less than 10 KA Current interrupting rating ranges from 10 KA to 85 KA Current interrupting rating is less than 10 KA Current interrupting rating is less than 10 KA
5 Their breaking capacity is low Their breaking capacity is high Their capacity is low as well as high. Their capacity is low as well as high.
6 It is used for domestic applications It is used for industrial applications These devices can be used both for domestic and industrial applications. These devices are best for domestic use but are old and outdated.


Circuit Breaker Selection

The selection of the circuit breaker depends on various factors. You must carefully think about the use, need, and requirements. You must also check which appliances and electrical applications will be used on your circuit breakers. Once you know this, you will easily make the best decision. Choosing a circuit breaker is important as they are a protection device. If you need assistance, you can find a professional electrician or a qualified person who can guide you better.

Brand selection is also necessary. There are a lot of brands providing and designing circuit breakers for people, homes, and businesses. You can check online for customer reviews and feedback. You can also your acquaintances for the recommendations. Always choose a service provider who is best, professional, and experienced. You might need installation and after-sale services, so select a service provider who can fulfill all your needs.

Wrapping Up

Electricity is crucial for both households and business operations. Circuit breakers play a vital role in the smooth functioning of electrical appliances. All breakers in this article protect the human, equipment, and surroundings from fire, shocks, damage, and electrical accidents. Earth leakage circuit breakers are old and outdated devices that people do not use commonly. Other devices are the latest and can be used in the best way. RCBO is a device that is designed with a combination of various devices like miniature circuit breakers and residual current circuit breakers.

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