Ways To Keep Your Phones Around And Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy
Stay Healthy

It’s true that time can pass quickly with a screen in hand. Especially during the time of the pandemic, when we have nothing  much  to do except from our normal work and routine, we spend most of the time, scrolling through the various social media apps on the phone, binge watching on Netflix or chatting with our friends online but studies have found that spending too much time in front of the screen can lead to developing unhealthy eating habits and thus lead to obesity and through a research conducted it has been found that many children have gained a lot of weight during the pandemic due to this reason. Today in this article, let’s take a break from the best anniversary gifts articles, food recipes and focus more on our health. Here are a few ways in which you can keep away from your phone and stay healthy.

Avoid Eating With Your Phone Around: Well, we know that this is a very popular activity performed by people who love to spend time while eating in front of their phones and watching something that keeps them engaged, however,  this is one of the worst habits any person can have. Therefore, you ought to make a hard rule to put down your phone before allowing yourself to eat anything. While watching your phone, you do not realise the amount of food you are consuming and therefore, one should surely avoid doing so.

Create a screen time limit: Fix a certain amount of time each day to spend on the screen. Once you have amassed the amount of time that you fixed for yourself, you must look for other options to keep you busy. You can spend that time going for a walk in the evening or indulging in some physical activity that will also help you stay fit. Resuming healthier habits once you save time on the screen is one of the best ways to distract yourself from going anywhere near your phone.

Maintain a food diary: Tracking everything that you eat can help you become mindful of the quantity and the quality of the food and drinks that you consume. Writing down everything you eat can stop you from eating that extra food that you unknowingly consume every day. And additionally it could also be eye-opening to really see and feel how much you have begun to eat.

Set a timer on your phone: If you wish to avoid sitting and staring at your phone, you can set an alarm to go off every hour as a reminder to get up, move around and leave your phone for sometime. Any amount of extra movements that you are maange to steal throughout the day even if it is only a few minutes each hour will add up and benefit you in various ways. 

Move around with your phone: Another popular and beneficial activity that you can practice is to spend time moving around with your phone. Whether you are talking or scrolling, ensure that you do so while walking around, so that you lose out on those extra calories without even knowing.

Get sufficient sleep: Putting away your smartphone before bedtime can help your body in getting good sleep. If you do not sleep at night, when the body’s hormonal rhythms are set for sleep, you tend to confuse the body with day and nights and your eating patterns are  thrown off. So, avoid eating or scrolling through the apps at night and enjoy a good sleep.

Use your smartphone for your benefit: These days, there are a lot of health apps and tracking apps that help you in keeping healthy in one way or the other. Apps like healthify me can help you track your daily footsteps and also keep a check on your daily calorie count by entering the details of food you had in a day. Additionally there are a lot of workout apps available that give you daily exercises to perform.

Well, you may not have noticed but spending a lot of time in front of the screen can lead to a lot of health problems, obesity being one of them. So what are you waiting for? Bring these healthy changes into your life and see it work like miracles.

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