'Truss for PM!' Brexit hero Liz Truss hailed as 'most outstanding minister we've ever had'

Liz Truss says UK will be ‘adding’ to trade deals in 2021

And some have even compared her to Margaret Thatcher, with one suggesting it would come down to a straight choice between her and Chancellor Rishi Sunak once Boris Johnson quits Number 10. Mrs Truss, Tory MP for South West Norfolk, confirmed Britain’s bid to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) earlier this year, and has also signed a wide-ranging free trade deal with Japan.

A post from the Twitter account of the Brexit Defence Allowance said: “Liz Truss 70 trade deals in 1 year.

“1. Voted to remain 2. Accepted Brexit result 3. Has travelled the world tirelessly 4. 70 trade deals signed
5. Doesn’t seek publicity 6. Her success ignored by the media.

“Most outstanding minister we’ve ever had.”

Others agreed, with Mark Newstead, in reference to both Mrs Thatcher and Theresa May, saying: “I can see the UK & Tories having its third female PM within 10 years.

Liz Truss

Liz Truss has been winning fans on social media (Image: GETTY/PA)

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first woman Prime Minister (Image: GETTY)

“As good as the first and light years better than the second.”

Mark O’Neill added: “She’s made me change my opinion of her.

“I wasn’t a fan of hers but she has been phenomenal in her job.”

Graham Miller said: “The next PM perhaps? We haven’t had one that actually gets results, and without hogging the limelight too, for a very long time. Well done LT, you have my vote.”

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Brexit Defence Alliance

Brexit Defence Alliance’s tweet (Image: Twitter)

I can see the UK & Tories having its third female PM within 10 years

Mark Newstead

Another added: “I think if Boris went though, it would be a straight fight between her and Rishi.”

Another simply observed: “The new ‘Mrs Thatcher’.”

However, not everybody was entirely convinced by Mrs Truss’s credentials.

David James Black said: “We have signed no newly negotiated trade deals.

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Liz Truss Toshimitsu Motegi

Liz Truss and Japan’s Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi in Tokyo in October (Image: DIT)

Mark Newstead

Mark Newstead’s tweet (Image: Twitter)

“Every one is a continuity ‘deal’ that formalises arrangements that were in place as part of the EU some with worse terms, none with better.”

Similarly, another poster said: “Most of these trade deals, although very welcomed, are continuity trade deals as set when we were in the EU. So there is little variation.

“We should be thinking about whether these countries really want to have a bespoke trade deal with us in years to come.”

Speaking earlier this month, one Tory insider told Express.co.uk: “I have known her for years and worked with her closely over last ten years.

Liz Truss

Liz Truss factfile (Image: Express)

“She has absolutely found her feet at trade where she is widely and rightly considered to have done an amazing job – possibly the standout Cabinet performer.”

They added: “She is fast becoming the darling of the grassroots Tories.

“I think a reshuffle in June is likely – but maybe not a major reshuffle as I would assume Patel, Raab and Sunak will all stay in place.

“So, what could she be moved to that’s a promotion and might it not undermine the great progress being made on trade?

Rishi Sunak

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is also regarded as a leading contender (Image: GETTY)

“At this stage, I’d probably consider her more on “stand by” for a big promotion (a bit like Rishi Sunak was when Sajid Javid suddenly quit) rather than specifically earmarked for one.”

As for her chances of the top job, they said: “She has a fair shot. Her grassroots support is immense.

“If she could get her way into the top two on the Parliamentary vote, she’d very probably win the final ballot.

“Time is also on her side – probably has a fair few years before there is a new leadership election.”

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