'Scotland deserves better!' Nicola Sturgeon shamed by Anas Sarwar for Covid 'failures'

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar slammed Nicola Sturgeon in a fiery interview on Andrew Marr this morning. The recently elected Labour leader north of the border branded Sturgeon as going from “failure after failure” and insisted Scotland deserves better leadership and opposition. He took aim at the SNP for “pointing fingers” at the Tories “every time there is a failure”. He also accused the SNP of not taking responsibility for failures in Scotland as Sturgeon finishes her seventh year as First Minister.

Asked by Andrew Marr if the SNP gain a majority in the upcoming Holyrood elections whether that would be a mandate for a second independence referendum the Scottish Labour leader replied: “I”m a participant, not a spectator, I’m a participant in this election campaign, I’m not going to commentate on the result.”

He went on to lay out his argument saying: “I’ve got eleven days to try and persuade people across Scotland that we can choose something different.

“We can choose to not have the next five years being about a Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson fight – it doesn’t have to be about the constitution, it can be about you, your family and our national recovery.”

The Scot went on to stress how “both the SNP and the Tories play upon each other division.”

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Mr Sarwar continued saying: “We have had 14 years of an SNP government, Nicola Sturgeon has been the first minister for seven years and there has been failure after failure.

“But every time there is a failure what they do is say ‘it wouldn’t have happened if we had independence.'”

“Or worst yet, they point at the Tories and say ‘at least we are not as bad as that lot’.”

Sarwar hammered home concluding: “Frankly I think Scotland deserved better than that, it needs a better government and we need a better opposition!”

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Earlier on Sunday Andrew Marr grilled SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister over whether it is “shameful” that she has not released an economic projection of how independence will affect Scotland and its future outside of the United Kingdom.

The BBC host asked: “Don’t you think it’s shameful that a government looking to take Scotland out of the UK hasn’t even bothered to look at the impact on the economy?”

Ms Sturgeon replied: “If I was asking people a week on Thursday to vote on the question whether or not Scotland should be independent then yes, I would agree with that.

“But I’m not asking people to do that on Thursday and if I was to do all that modelling now, we would have to redo it when asking people to make that choice… I believe it is only right to ask people to make that choice of that magnitude on the basis of quality, up-to-date information.”


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The BBC’s Andrew Marr also exposed the cost of rejoining the European Union as an independent Scotland telling Sturgeon despite her own claims that EU membership would require a border between Scotland and England.

“You may wish Brexit hadn’t happened but it has happened.

“Where we are now, entering the EU and being a part of the single market, requires a physical border with England, for Scotland.”

She finished by saying: “The only way out of that is to persuade the EU to give up on the single market regulations as they apply to Scotland – good luck with that!

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