Matt Hancock takes thinly-veiled swipe at EU – ‘We will NOT block vaccines’


Health Secretary Matt Hancock used Wednesday’s coronavirus briefing to praise Britain and its efforts in the fight against coronavirus. He commended the nation for its swift and decisive action on the vaccine, most notably the Astrazeneca vaccine. He insisted, post-pandemic he will ensure that the UK makes its market irresistible to pharmaceutical investment.

He added that the UK will not ever block exports of pharmaceutical companies to anywhere around the world, as a dig at the EU for attempting to block vaccines getting into the UK. 

After a question from the public, Mr Hancock explained the Government’s intentions post-covid for a good pharmaceutical industry. 

Mr Hancock said: “The truth is, in my view, in this pandemic the UK life sciences and biomedical research have given a huge amount to the world.

“Probably our greatest contribution to saving lives and tackling this pandemic around the world is the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“In particular, the decision to ensure it is provided at cost, without any charge for profit or intellectual property, it has been a huge and heroic effort.” 

More to follow…


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