Energy bills: 5 snags around the home costing you money – ‘causes 40% heat loss'

Poorly positioned thermostat

It is important to ensure the thermostat is installed in an appropriate location so it can accurately read the temperature of the atmosphere surrounding it.

If the thermostat is placed in the wrong location, such as a hallway or near an entryway, it could be detecting lower temperatures from atmospherical factors, such as cold draughts around a doorway.

UHS experts said: “Thermostats are best positioned in the main areas of the home, ideally a living room or landing, but never above a radiator or near a draughty door.

“Remember that increasing the temperature of your thermostat does not provide instant heating either, instead, it consumes more energy over a longer period of time.”

Thermostats have a specific temperature comfort level and are designed to pause heating after reaching a certain degree.

UHS experts suggested: “To warm your home faster, you should instead turn up the radiator valve in rooms that are in use and turn them off completely for rooms that are not. This way, heat is sent directly to the rooms needed, while you don’t waste energy on heating rooms that are mostly empty or not in use.”

Turning the central thermostat down by 1C is said to be a really easy way to have an immediate impact without making much difference to comfort.

Nico Van Der Merwe, vice president of Home and Distribution at Schneider Electric said: “While some people may feel the effects of this due to the layout of their house and their heating system, it is worth trying to see how it feels.”

He continued: “Research shows that this easy step can save up to 10 percent energy, which could mean a saving of almost £80 a year for many households”, based on the current energy tariffs.”

Poor window insulation

Windows with poor insulation can also cause a substantial amount of heat loss due to radiation through glazing or air leakage.

Typically, it’s said that a property can lose around 10 percent of its heat through windows, however, repairing window glazing isn’t always the easiest thing to fix or the cheapest.

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