END OF SNP: Plot to destroy Sturgeon's independence dream and 'get rid of them altogether'

Scottish Conservative councillor Tony Miklinski told Express.co.uk that if the SNP does not have a majority in Holyrood following the May 2021 election, they will not have a mandate for a second referendum on Scottish independence. Mr Miklinski added that this would be the first step in getting rid of the SNP altogether.

The Scottish Tory said: “The one overarching and critical aim is to stop them [SNP] from getting a majority.

“If the SNP does not have a majority they cannot claim the mandate for a second independence referendum, even an illegal one that does not have section 30 permission.

“What we want to do is repeat what we did last time and if possible improve on it.

“A repeat would be a huge achievement given the opinion polls of late, given the unparalleled access Nicola Sturgeon has had through her daily press coverage on TV.

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“We are bringing it back now to a position where it is indeed realistic if not likely that we will be preventing her majority as a first step to getting rid of them altogether.

“This endless debate really does have to stop for all concerned.”

During the same interview, Mr Miklinski stated that an SNP attempt at holding an “illegal referendum” will make the party “look stupid”.

He stated that the UK Government will not give Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP permission to hold another referendum so soon after the 2014 public vote.

“Now it is going to be an illegal referendum, the unionist vote will not turn up quite rightly.

“They will be left talking to themselves.

“Whether they think that takes them any closer to independence in the short to medium term I have no idea.

“I think it will make them look stupid.”

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