End of Lockdown: Covid will be like flu – Hancock says regular jabs will see life return

The Health Secretary put an end to lockdown misery as he said he hopes to manage Covid like flu. Matt Hancock explained that restrictions do not have to be put in place in the future. He told MPs: “My goal is we will eventually see Covid as something that has to be managed rather like flu.

“We don’t put in place restrictions on normal life to tackle the flu but we do have a regular vaccination programme.

“That’s where I hope with vaccines that’s a point we can get to.”

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“In a bad flu season, non-urgent treatment is delayed. That is one way the NHS manages through a difficult flu season in winter.

“Measures like that will be necessary if we have an increase in Covid cases but we have to be hopeful.

“We have to learn to live with risk as a society as a reality.

“The goal and the strategy is to invest in the NHS so it has more capacity, make sure it can expand capacity and make sure through the vaccine effort and people’s personal responsibility.

“I think that is the best way down this road.”

More to follow…

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