Best sex positions for women


It is said that there are no women who cannot reach orgasm, but women who do not know how to achieve it. Let’s see how we stand with the theory and with practice. The key to orgasm seems to be a combination of damp touches on erogenous areas and intense penetration.

And, all this must take place in a position that allows the clitoris to be achieved without too much effort. So, let’s see what sexual positions allow any woman to get the much-desired orgasm! And, who knows, maybe you will also enjoy multiple orgasms.

The man above

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This is a variation of the very popular Doggy style position, suitable for normal and anal sex. You are lying on your belly and above you, lying on you, leaning into your hands. The position is comfortable for both partners. You will feel great especially if you synchronize the movements of the basin.

Depending on the size of the penis and your movements, the penetration angle can be deep/total, or medium. Moreover, for an even more intense orgasm, put a pillow under your belly and remove your feet. This is how you have “access” to the clitoris. Dirty talk and many orgasms are included!

The throne position

You must stand on the edge of the bed and rest in your left hand. Meanwhile, the right hand holds you as a support point or to stimulate your clitoris. You sit in his lap, “help” penetration with your hand or with a rotary movement.

Then, try any movement although they are preferable in which you stand. Orgasm is guaranteed by the fact that you impose the rhythm. Penetration is total and it stimulates your entire intimate area.

The hydro bicycle position

In this position, you sit on top exactly as on a hydro bicycle. You sit with a slightly left trunk, resting in your hands and with outstretched but slightly flexed legs. This is exactly how you move forward-back, up-down or circular.

He can also help you if he presses you down with his hands on his hips. Your partner can also stimulate your clitoris and Mount Venus. You can transform this position into the position of the cowboy woman if you get up.

Keep your back straight and your feet next to his hips, as if you were “coming”. It is a very exciting position since penetration is intense. Plus, the stimulation of clitoris and testicles is at hand. In this position, you will reach a very intense orgasm.

The butterfly position

You are lying on your back, holding the soles glued to the floor and the basin exactly on the edge of the bed (or the sofa). Depending on the place chosen, he stands or knees, “curled” by your feet. Penetration is more than intense. Moreover, this position promises mutual manual stimulation but also multiple orgasms!

Try it and see how it goes. You will love it and new positions such as this one will help you improve your sex life. There are plenty of new and exciting things you can try in the bedroom. Just be open-minded and forget about any inhibitions you may have.

Goat position

The goat position is one of the most often practiced sexual positions. That’s because it is comfortable for both partners. What does it mean? The woman sits on her knees, leaning on her hands or elbows, for more comfort.

The man will sit on his knees and penetrate her from the back. The goat position is preferred by many couples. The main reason is that the emphasis falls on the intense stimulation of the clitoris. It is true that the woman does not have freedom of movement as large as the man.

Yet, this position is ideal for additional stimulation, such as back and breasts. Moreover, this sexual position is recommended for men who are prone to early ejaculation. In this position, they can easily control the moment of ejaculation.

Lotus position

This is considered a fairly uncomfortable sexual position for men. Why? Because it involves long leg flexion, it is extremely intimate and exciting. The man will sit on the lotus while the woman will sit on his lap, with her legs wrapped around his waist. The man can hold his hands on her hips or encompass her.

The Lotus position is quite difficult. Both partners are forced to stay in unnatural positions. Yet, the result is an intense and long-term orgasm. Due to lack of mobility, additional stimulation becomes impossible.

The anchor position

If you want to give your partner an amazing orgasm, you can try the anchor position. This is considered one of the most comfortable sexual positions for her. It involves placing the woman on the back, possibly with a pillow under the pelvis.

It is preferable for her to sit in a slightly inclined position. The man will sit on his knees in front of her, cover her left leg, placing him on his shoulder. This position is pleasant because penetration leads to the total stimulation of the clitoris.

Position 69

The position generic called “69” is one of those sexual positions that drive women crazy. Its popularity is due to the continuous stimulation of the genital areas. For position 69, one of the partners will lie on the bed and the other will sit down.

Keep in mind that many of these positions require a little physical exercise. You should not be discouraged if you do not get the desired results from the first attempt. Try it several times and see how it goes. Yet, we are pretty sure that you are going to love it. This is a super exciting position for both men and women.

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