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Music as a theme for a slot may sound strange at first but it is actually an incredibly well liked theme, there are a variety of reasons for this.

Music Themed Slots

Music is an incredibly important part of most people’s life, whether it be listening to a few songs on the daily commute or having a sing a long on a friday night. Most people could not live without music. You may also want to know how to play Rainbow Riches slot game.

Online slot themes cover a huge range of topics so it makes sense that music would serve as the inspiration for a few slots. These music themed slots don’t use a genre as their basis but instead use the superstars of the music world. For example, players who are fans of rock and roll band Guns and Roses can find a slot dedicated to all of their hits in the slot title Guns N’ Roses.

Not every music themed slot is based on a specific group, slots such as karaoke party encourage the player to sign alongside the hits being played, in essence becoming the superstar.

Best Music Themed Slots

There have been a wide array of music themed slots which cover many genres. Some of these music slots have become more popular than others.

  1. Motorhead takes the legendary British heavy metal band and places them firmly in the world of online slots. Fans will find all the hits from the band in this slot, including the beloved tune ‘Ace of Spades’. The reels feature symbols which are references to the band’s history, including the dog from the logo and the legendary frontman Lemmy.
  2. Karaoke Party is a different attempt at a music themed slot, developed by Microgaming, this slot features a mixture of tunes from different artists and even invites players to sing along!

Other pop culture themes

Music isn’t the only piece of popular culture that is used to form a slot theme, there are actually many different slot themes that come from popular culture.

  • Movies are a popular slot theme, whether it be the latest blockbuster release or classics from the 1980’s. The chance to see your favourite stars on the reels as you spin them is particularly exciting, especially if you are a fan of the property.
  • Television is similar to movies, slots use popular TV shows as the basis for themes. Television themes tend to be much more topical than movie themes although classic TV series are still sometimes used as a theme.
  • Comic books are sometimes used as a slot theme. Although characters which are aimed primarily at children are rarely featured as a slot theme for obvious reasons, more adult orientated characters such as Judge Dredd from the pages of 2000AD have been used as a slot theme.

Final Thoughts

The music theme is perfect for people who want to enjoy catchy songs alongside their slots. People can find their favourite bands as a slot theme, sometimes people even first discover popular bands through music themed slots!

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