BBC's Dan Walker squirms as Ed Davey blasts broadcaster for ministers' 'fake news'

Ed Davey appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss the Lib Dem’s opposition to the Coronavirus Act and to face questions from Dan Walker. It was then pointed out to Mr Davey that the new rules and powers the Act would introduce seem like they would be politically aligned with the Liberal Democrats. Mr Davey scoffed and said ministers were appearing on the BBC and peddling “fake news” to Mr Walker and his colleagues as the new rules are not as advertised. 

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, host Dan Walker asked Mr Davey: “We asked ministers about this [act] last week and they say that the act enables a furlough scheme, it enables virtual court hearings, enables the extension of statutory sick pay to continue for as long as it’s needed –  surely you support those things?”

Ed Davey replied: “Yes, but the Government was not telling you the truth. 

“Section 76 of the Coronavirus act enables the furlough legislation and that’s a permanent piece of legislation. 

“If the commons voted not to renew the Coronavirus Act that further legislation would still be there. 

“So what I’ve been really worried about is we’re seeing a sort of Donald Trump with false news and fake news. 

“And government ministers should be rather more truthful when they come on the BBC.

“The Government must have known that if this Coronavirus Act is not renewed, the furlough scheme will still stay there. 

“And that was to begin to really worry about this government, not even telling the BBC the truth.”

“They’re trying to take away our freedoms in the name of Coronavirus but they’re not telling you the truth. 

“The reality is they have all the power they need in the Public Health Act. 

“The Coronavirus Act is just a measure that takes away, basic rights and freedoms and we’re not going to hand them a blank cheque. 

“We need to call this government out because it keeps taking away your basic freedoms and democratic rights.”

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