'Arrogant liars' MEP Phillippe Lamberts launches furious AstraZeneca rant on BBC Radio 4

Phillippe Lamberts slammed AstraZeneca’s actions for causing a quarrel between the European Commission and the UK Government. The furious Belgian MEP stated that AstraZeneca has a track record of overpromising and underdelivering.  

Mr Lamberts said: “We are in this situation not because of the British Government or not because of the European Commission, we are in this position because of the inability to fulfil promises of a vaccine manufacturer in this case AstraZeneca.

“So the quarrel is not between the European Commission and the British Government, it is between the Europeans and one of their suppliers who have performed with a track record of dishonesty.

“[They are] overpromising and underdelivering by massive amounts, we all see that they have bundled up at least twice their test data.

“So everything points to a company that cannot be relied upon.”

The BBC’s Nick Webb responded: “Hang on a second, that is a really serious charge to make against AstraZeneca.

“You are saying that they have not just made a mess of things but that they have been deliberately dishonest.”

More to follow…

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