Are you a Victim of Road Rage? Here’s What to Do

Road Rage
Road Rage

With more and more motorists on the road, these days, congestion and other drivers’ actions can lead to aggressive driving. Instances of aggression behind the wheel have resulted in altercations, physical injury, and worse wrongful death.

These days, road rage is commonplace and if you are frequently out on the road, most likely you have witnessed or have been on the receiving end of such an unfortunate event. This can be emotionally, physically, and financially traumatic, and very difficult to deal with.

Aside from recovering and improving your overall well-being, there are crucial things that you need to do to claim compensation. The knowledge and expertise of a car accident attorney will help you go through the daunting process.

Steps to Take When Involved in Road Rage

Although it is easier said than, it is important to try and remain calm after a road rage clash. This would help you collect your thoughts and remember important details that are vital when processing your claim for compensation. Be sure to remember how did the accident happen, how were you injured, what was the other driver doing, and other accident-related details.

Take photos of the damages such as the properties nearby or involved like the car and your injuries. If possible, gather surveillance footage or captured videos by bystanders. Talk to witnesses who are willing to provide a statement. Gather as much physical evidence as you can to help investigators have a clearer picture of how the accident happened.

A report of the incident must also be made to the authorities immediately. Delays are only acceptable if there are exceptional reasons that prevented you from doing so. By contacting the police, you not only benefit from the police report but also from the authorities obtaining details from the aggressor on your behalf.

See a medical practitioner. Regardless of your injury, you must see a doctor to be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated. When calling the police to report the incident, you may also request medical personnel. Your medical record can serve as an important piece of evidence to support your claim for personal injury. The sooner you can seek treatment and medication after the road rage incident, the sooner you can begin the recovery process.

Delaying treatment may affect your claim as insurance companies have their way of seeking ways to reduce or deny your compensation claim like your injuries are not severe enough and such.

Lastly, do not negotiate with insurance companies unless you have consulted your case with an experienced car accident attorney. A qualified attorney can provide you with the options best for your circumstance.

With these attorneys mostly giving free consultations, they can assess your case and determine if you are legible for a lawsuit or compensation claim.

Consult with a car accident attorney

Road rage incidents can leave you with physical scars, emotional damages, and financial burdens due to medical expenses, lost wages, replacement or repair of damaged properties, ongoing treatment, and the inability to earn while recuperating. To build the best case to support your claim, a qualified car accident attorney can help you.

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