Why Technology Should Respond To The Reality Of Our Lives

Our Lives
Our Lives

Digital applications – that go all the way through available digital channels – need to keep human behaviour and the science at the very top of their minds. Inspite of our many technological advances from the time that the telephone was invented in 1876, phone calls are still a helpful form of communication, filling gaps that texts and email are not able to. When you make a phone call you may confirm that the other person has heard you, you are able to gauge their tone. In addition, you can connect far more deeply with family, friends as well as your colleagues.

Howver, we’ve come to see phonecalls as irritating and invasive. One the reasons for this is that telemarketing and robocalls have in some way become part of our daily lives. This shows one of the most fundamental teachings of behavioural science – in other words that negative and positive reinforcement are responsible for shaping our experience and driving behaviour.

This is why thinking about why a good understanding of human behaviour needs to be built into the design and usage of technology, and of digital experience platforms (DXPs) specifically. If institutions capitalise on technology for short-term gain in ways which make people hate, fear or just avoid that technology, then we lose out on the possible benefits.

Technology Boosts Business

We live in a capitalist society. This means that many  of the new advancements which are made in technology are made by companies who are looking to boost their products/services or – alternatively – to enhance their ability to market their products/services. In addition, new technology has emerged over the years with the purpose of making business operations far more efficient as well as effective.

Technology Is Responsible For Improving Strategies

Business strategies have developed and developed greatly owing to technology. One of the most fundamental elements of running a business – the hiring process – has been significantly enhanced by technology.

It wasn’t that long ago that businesses were very restricted when it came to hiring new employees. You would need to run ads in the newspaper or reach out to recruitment agencies for assistance. Even then, the massive majority of your hires would be locally based.

These days, the hiring pool has greatly expanded owing to online job posting sites, for example Monster, and social media platforms, for example LinkedIn, which  can connect employers with high-quality job candidates from all over the world.

The recruitment process isn’t the only business strategy that is affected in a positive way by technology. Improvements in statistics, communication – as well as trade – have all been made through new technology as well.

Technology Facilitates Communications

Without a doubt the communication arena is one of the great themes that has fuelled the advent of the technological revolution. Today, we are living in a world which is constantly changing. It drinks from immediacy. We find out what is taking place on the other side of the world in a moment thanks to social networks and the digitisation of the media.

We are able to communicate with people globally at all times owing to applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. And we can play at sites like Big Dollar online casino and talk to other players anywhere in the world. The global gap is closing, and tech is responsible for this.

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