'Where's the strategy?' Johnson under fire as 8,000 tourists PER DAY flood into the UK

LBC host and Tottenham MP David Lammy was left absolutely astounded as it was revealed 20,000 people are still allowed to arrive into the UK every day in what he described as a failure of Britain’s Covid strategy. Mr Lammy launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson and the Government as he questioned why this was continuing to happen as Britons are banned from international travel without a reasonable excuse. 

The shocking figures come despite a third wave of Covid currently engulfing European countries as Britain emerges out of lockdown, with easing of restrictions kickstarted last week.

The astonished Labour MP said: “I want to start by talking about this STAGGERING figure of 8,000 people coming into Britain for tourism.

“20,000 people arriving every single day in the United Kingdom many of them saying ‘we’re coming in we want to visit Big Ben.’”

He added: “What is going on? Where is the strategy?”

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Mr Lammy went on to say that he is “not one for ‘let’s close the borders’” but stressed Britain cannot be accepting visitors if Britons themselves are not allowed to travel without a good excuse.

He continued in his tirade saying: “And then we find out the whole world and her aunt can breeze into Britain no problems!

“The system is not working!”

He then accused Home Secretary Priti Patel of “hiding away” and not explaining the chaos that is unfolding at Britain’s borders to the British people and demanded we should know more.

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Travel corridors have not yet been confirmed for this summer but the traffic light system will mean holidays could go ahead.

Travel expert Simon Calder told ITV’s This Morning of his predictions for countries he reckons will be on the ‘green list’ meaning Brits can visit.

Mr Calder said Malta, Bahrain, Dubai and the USA are all possible destinations that could get greenlit for Britons under the traffic light system.

He also said how British overseas territory Gibraltar was also a likely contender for travel despite not having many hotels for holidaymakers.

But Mr Calder stressed any location that opens up to foreign travellers will be “dependent on how good” their vaccination programme is.

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