'What the hell did you expect?' Guy Verhofstadt's Brexit tweet backfires spectacularly


Boris Johnson yesterday sent two Royal Navy gunships to the Channel island after French boats threatened to blockade the port. Tensions were further stoked after Annick Girardin, France’s Minister for the Sea, threatened to cut off Jersey’s electricity supply in response to new restrictions of the length of time French fisherman can spend in the area.

Mr Verhofstadt tweeted: “EU doesn’t matter for peace, they said…

“The Brexit dust hasn’t even settled and there’s trouble in Northern Ireland and gunboats in the Channel.

“As Mitterand said: ‘Le nationalisme c’est la guerre!”


However, plenty of Twitter users flatly rejected his characterisation of the situation.

Chris Leigh posted: “When your EU threatens to switch off the electricity and blockade ports, what the hell do you expect?

“The British people do not take kindly to threats.”

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Phil Miskey said: “I mean, an EU country is the aggressor trying to stop energy to an island, which they can’t fish, due to your import rules designed to stop the UK selling the shellfish.

“I’m also from Belfast… you lot tried to put a hard border up the second BoJo bought more vaccines than you!”

Other posters likewise suggested it was France – and by implication the EU – and not the UK which was behaving in an aggressive fashion.

One said: “Boris offered a meeting to discuss the matter. Macron refused.

Another asked: “I’d like to see what any EU member state country would do if we threaten to cut off energy supplies. This was yet another act of aggression.”

Stephen Paton said: “The news must have it wrong Guy. They’ve said it’s French boats blockading a British port.

“I didn’t realise it’s our boats aggressively blockading an EU port.

“Le Nationalisme c’est magnifique.”

However, not everybody disagreed with Mr Macron – another poster said: “Pathetic move of a lawbreaker child sitting in no10.

“Gun boats against unarmed civilian fishermen? moves like these makes me feel ashamed to be British.”

Meanwhile, Danielle Zana raised eyebrows when she observed: “The biggest worry is about when this trivial drama and violent stupidity evolves to a point when nuclear weapons get used, and the lack of trust, integrity and humanity that could open the use of a first nuke.”

Croí Na hÉireann commented: “Bit dramatic.”


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