'We're being punished for doing better!' French MEP slammed over jab export threats

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has warned AstraZeneca could face an export ban if it does not fulfil its contract with the EU as the country falls behind on vaccinating citizens. Sky News host Niall Paterson asked: “You can understand given the frustrations that are felt in the EU about the pace of vaccination across Europe. You can understand the frustrations on this side of the Channel that it appears from many, many perspectives in the UK that we are being punished for doing rather better than the EU.”

Ms Trillet-Lenoir said: “I understand and I do not think that. Nobody in Britain is punished.

“I’m very happy that vaccination going well in your country but I think you can agree with me that facing a pandemic, if everybody is not vaccinated, no one is.

“The UK will be very isolated if other European countries and other low-income countries are not protected.

“Our duty as politicians is to make sure that the pandemic is faced at a worldwide level.

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“I have concern for the British citizens. They have to receive the second dose and your Prime Minister has to discuss with the firm and the EU to make sure this will be possible.

“You have been vaccinating very quickly in an emergency which I understand but from a medical and scientific point of view, we all have to follow science-based rules and demonstrations.”

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