Vaccine passport announcement: What Boris Johnson will reveal this afternoon

The Prime Minister will signal that a Government review is in favour of a certification scheme to allow people who have been vaccinated or recently tested to attend big events.Three Wembley Stadium football clashes will be fan test beds with 8,000 at this month’s Carabao Cup Final. The World Snooker Championship in Sheffield will also see a range of ideas tested as Ronnie O’Sullivan defends his title.

But Mr Johnson is also expected to rule out the passports for pubs, shops and other smaller venues.

Sports minister Nigel Huddleston yesterday said the events would be a “learning experience”. He said: “It is not just about certification. The earlier pilots almost certainly won’t involve any elements of certification but it will involve making sure that people are tested before and after.

“What we will be looking at is the mitigation measures. So ventilation, one-way systems, hygiene measures, all of those kind of things to help inform long-term decision-making.”

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove, who has headed a review of Covid passports, pointed out in a newspaper article yesterday that Israel, with its high-speed jab drive, had introduced a Covid certification scheme. He said: “We can expect more countries to adopt similar tools and, indeed, other countries to require our own citizens to provide proof of their Covid status to travel and visit.

“So it’s imperative we explore, with friends and allies, how such certificates should work.”


It comes as the UK recorded just 10 deaths yesterday, with new cases falling to 2,297. A total of 97,328 had their first jab on Saturday with 176,240 a second.

Ministers are understood to be considering a passport scheme based on a mobile phone apps with paper copies for those without mobiles.

But former Tory Cabinet minister David Davis yesterday called Covid passports “silly”.

He told LBC radio: “We are not used to presenting papers – or the electronic equivalent – to go to the pub or to go to a football match. That is not what we think of our freedoms. Once you have got the population to above about 70 per cent vaccinated then you have got herd immunity. So it is very difficult to see what they are trying to stop.

“The idea that we’d somehow stop [coronavirus] variants by this rather silly measure in Britain alone is nonsense.”

But Kate Nicholls, boss of industry body UKHospitality, called the pilots “positive news”.

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