'UK will not just sit and watch!' James Cleverly warns Russia invasion is VERY imminent

James Cleverly appeared on Trevor Phillips on Sky News to give an update on Ukraine and delivered a worrying assessment that invasion is “very likely” as Russia builds up the largest military group since WW2. Mr Cleverly was challenged over whether the UK and other NATO allies could be responsible for causing a conflict as they manoeuvre troops and weapons against Russia. But Mr Cleverly shot down the argument, stating if the UK were to “sit back and pretend” war will not break out will send out the wrong message during a tense appearance on the show.

Speaking on Trevor Phillips on Sunday, Mr Cleverly was grilled over whether the UK could be responsible for war breaking out due to its involvement in Ukraine.

Mr Phillips suggested Russia may feel threatened because of the moves made by the West and may choose to act out against the aggression.

Mr Cleverly disagreed and said: “Let’s think about what the credible alternative would be.

“Do we think it is realistic that we watch the largest buildup of military troops since the second world war on the border of a sovereign nation, a border which has already been invaded by Russia in 2014?

“Do we sit back and pretend that’s not happening and send the signal both to Russia and more broadly, that we do not take threats and intimidation [seriously] towards democratic states?

“That’s not a credible position, we are working round the clock to try and prevent this conflict but we are making it clear that we support our NATO allies.

“And that’s why those deployments have happened.”

Earlier in the show, Mr Cleverly was asked to give an update on the likelihood of an invasion considering the dire words from President Joe Biden on Friday.

Boris Johnson has been visiting Europe this week to try and help the situation in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister spoke to the BBC about the situation in Ukraine and believed Russia was planning “the biggest war in Europe since 1945”.

He told the BBC’s Sophie Raworth in an interview: “All the signs are that the plan has already in some senses begun.”

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