UK 'gets revenge on Brussels for playing stupid games' as EU's punishment plan backfires

Tory peer Lord Moylan explained the European Union’s protectionism will backfire badly on the bloc. He predicted Britain will “leave the EU behind” as Britain has “its revenge on Brussels”. Speaking on talkRADIO, host Kevin O’Sullivan questioned the Conservative peer on how Britain could “retaliate” against the EU’s red tape and blockades. 

Mr O’Sullivan raised the idea of forcing extra bureaucracy onto German car-makers and French wine-makers, such as making them translate their labels into different languages.

He said: “If they are going to play games with us, why don’t we play games with them? I’m furious with what the EU is up to.”

However, the Conservative peer said any retaliation like that would backfire on the UK.

He explained: “I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

“We have let the EU run our trade policy for the last 40-odd years to such an extent that we have forgotten some of the principles of the trade policy.”

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Lord Moylan continued: “While they are playing games with us the people who are suffering from their protectionism are actually their own consumers.

“If they make imports difficult to get hold off, it is their own people that suffer and their own businesses that need those imports.

“They end up with less choice and higher prices.

“They were so stupid that they shot themselves in the foot.

Lord Moylan added if Britain makes a success out of Brexit, leaders in Brussels “will have nothing to say to their people, and they won’t be able to justify their unelected positions”.

This comes as Brussels warned zero Covid vaccines made in the bloc will be exported to the UK unless AstraZeneca meets its dose delivery commitments with the EU.

Thierry Breton, the EU’s internal market commissioner, laid out the bloc’s plans to use European-made vaccines as bargaining power with AstraZeneca.

Mr Breton said “there is nothing to negotiate” between the UK and EU, despite tense discussions in recent weeks.

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