The Top 4 Breeds of Dogs for Families & Small Children

Breeds of Dogs
Breeds of Dogs

Just in the way that every human being is an individual and has their own quirks, personality types, faults, strengths, and weaknesses, so too do different species of animals, specifically in terms of how they interact and connect with their owners.

When it comes to ever-loving and forever faithful dogs, it is a proven fact that, despite the reputation of a certain breed, such as a Doberman Pinscher or a Rottweiler, for example, your dog will be a reflection of how well you raise them.

It is, however, also true to say that, as dogs, even the smallest and cutest ones, are animals, sometimes their genetic programming and core instincts can override even the best teaching and training. With this in mind, continue reading to learn of the top four breeds of dogs for families and small children.

1.    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Firstly, one of the most perfect breeds of dogs to choose to adopt and bring into your family home is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

King Charles Spaniels are particularly sociable, both with other dogs, regardless of breed, as well as strangers and family members alike, and enjoy nothing more than a day of outdoor play, followed by snuggles and sleep on the sofa at night.

2.    Labradors

Another incredibly popular and deservingly so breed of dog with families and small children is the beautiful and friendly Labrador.

Labradors make the ideal family pet as they love being around noise and entertainment, are amazing with small children and babies, become gentle protectors, and also need minimal maintenance in terms of their coat.

3.    Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are not only one of the most popular choices for dog breeds when it comes to family pets, but also one of the most sensible.

It is worth noting that Golden Retrievers need a high level of physical activity and stimulation every day, and one which is not taken on at least one decently long walk every day is likely to be restless and more likely to act up in the home.

Remember that, even though, hopefully, the only reason you will need to take your dog to the vets is for their annual vaccinations and routine check-ups, it is crucial to register your new dog with a reputable vet surgery, such as katy veterinary clinic.

4.    Pugs

Finally, the fourth most ideal breed of dog to consider adopting into your family unit is the beautifully compact Pug. Pugs have a specific design of mouth, teeth, and jaw and, therefore, are unable to do a great deal of harm if they accidentally bite the hand when playing.

Pugs possess one of the sweetest and most relaxed natures of all dog breeds and pack an incredibly large personality and attitude into such a small body. Pugs thrive on affection from humans and want to be around and involved in absolutely everything at all times, making them perfect pals for small children and adults alike.

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