Clamour for lithium could power your portfolio

The ups and downs of the gold price are a perennial source of fascination. But lately the focus has turned to ‘white gold’ or lithium.  This metal is the critical component of the lithium-ion batteries used in laptops, phones, electric vehicles and in

Is forestry a good way to diversify your portfolio?

Money may well grow on trees if returns from forestry assets over the past few years are anything to go by. Forestry investment has become an increasingly attractive asset class as timber prices rocket amid a sustainability drive and inflation concerns. Managers

How do I allocate assets in an Isa investment portfolio?

David Miller, executive director at wealth manager Quilter Cheviot, explains how to allocate investments in your Isa portfolio. Investing is built around a simple premise. You put your money in an investable asset in the hope that it provides inflation-beating growth, or

Why you need iron ore in your investment portfolio

Why you need some iron ore in your investment portfolio … and how you can cash in on the boom for Australia’s most lucrative commodity  Iron ore prices on Tuesday surged to record high of $US193 per metric tonne Australia exported record

How often should you check your shares portfolio?

There is a happy medium between compulsively checking your investments several times a day, and hardly bothering to see how they are doing at all. But financial experts warn that if you opt to invest in individual shares, you should be more