Josh Hawley defends his fist pump before the Capitol riot

Josh Hawley defends his fist bump before the Capitol riot because there’s no proof group he saluted engaged in ‘criminal’ behavior Sen. Josh Hawley does not regret giving a clinched fist salute to a group of Trump supporters in the run-up to

Josh Hawley warns Big Tech is trying to 'transform America'

Senator Josh Hawley (pictured above on Capitol Hill on Wednesday) wants to ‘break up’ tech companies that he says have grown too powerful and pose a ‘threat’ to liberty in America Senator Josh Hawley says the most powerful tech companies like Facebook,

Hawley reveals he has raised $3M since the Capitol riot

Sen. Josh Hawley raised more than $3 million since January’s Capitol riot, a change in fortunes for the Missouri Republican who initially lost some donors for his role in challenging the 2020 presidential election results.  Politico reported Monday that Hawley received more