Where can I get the best easy-access savings rate?

Despite the fixed rate savings market paying considerably better returns than easy-access deals at present, many savers prefer to keep their cash within reach. As many as 62 per cent of total savings are in easy-access accounts, according to analysis by Paragon

Best buy savings rates: Yorkshire ups easy-access deals

Yorkshire Building Society launches two new easy-access savings rates which reward those with bigger balances The mutual has launched new versions of two of its easy-access savings deals Both accounts pay tiered variable interest rates of up to 0.7% Two equivalent Isa

Best savings: Get Chip's 1.18% easy-access deal rate

Savers with £10,000 can get access to a savings deal paying nearly three times the best buy rate available on an easy-access account with a This is Money bonus. Four-year-old banking app Chip already pays an easy-access rate of 1.25 per cent