Line Of Duty: The clues that led us to The Fourth Man

As H was finally revealed on Sunday night’s long-awaited Line Of Duty finale, many fans realised we had been looking at the enigmatic mastermind the entire time.  As eagle-eyed fans learned that Superintendent Buckells was the famous fourth man, having liased with the OCG

Line of Duty finale receives mixed reviews in today's papers

Viewers last night tuned into the nail-biting series finale of Line of Duty – which saw the mysterious antagonist ‘H’ finally unmasked. This morning, Britain’s newspapers carried mixed reviews of the episode, with some pointing out gaping plot holes in the hugely-popular bent plot

Line of Duty fans take to social media 

Line of Duty fans across the nation are counting down the minutes until the final installment of the nail-baiting drama airs and the mysterious antagonist ‘H’ is finally revealed. Seasoned fans have been taking to social media in their droves to share

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