Best buy savings rates: Yorkshire ups easy-access deals

Yorkshire Building Society launches two new easy-access savings rates which reward those with bigger balances The mutual has launched new versions of two of its easy-access savings deals Both accounts pay tiered variable interest rates of up to 0.7% Two equivalent Isa

Best fixed rate savings accounts: Deals are on the rise

Fixed savings deals are on the rise following the Bank of England’s base rate decision last week, with two challenger banks upping their offers. Al Rayan Bank and Tandem Bank have boosted rates on all of their fixed deals, propelling both banks

Best savings rates: Top deals from savings platforms

Best savings rates: Savings platforms to manage your money in one place – with easy-access, fixed-rates and notice accounts and bonus boosters We reveal the top deals from savings platform Raisin and Aviva Save Could you boost the rate on your savings

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